Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Turbo Diesel

Type:  Feminized
Climate:  Outdoor
Flowering: 7-8 Weeks
Yield:  350g/m2
Height:  Medium/Tall
Indica/Sativa:  Sativa, Indica
Effect: Stoned
Flavour:  Sour Diesel
THC Level:  15-20%
Growing:  Easy

Know that this marijuana strain is the product when you combine the famous and unparalleled Blueberry and the NYC Diesel with the Ruderalis. This ruderalis is what makes marijuana plants flower even without any change in light. That means that by crossing this strain with Ruderalis makes it an auto flowering marijuana strain.
Every grower knows that Blueberry and NYC Diesel are both great marijuana strains. They are well known for their yield, taste and aroma all over the world. When they combined, the two best strains complement their weaknesses and make one of the perfect strains which is Turbo Diesel.
Turbo Diesel is the kind of strain that can go from a seedling to its harvest period in just 8 weeks’ time. Also, good thing about Turbo Diesel is the fact that even though it is an auto flowering strain, the effect is still strong.   This marijuana strain is indica dominant and is known for having a blue tint.