Legal Buds

This company is one of the biggest online seller of herbal smokes, supplements and other smoking accessories like pipes, rolling papers, and even novelty items like T-shirts and ash trays to mention a few. They have been in the business for more than 9 years now and the company is still going strong mainly because of many satisfied customers. Legal Buds reviews are plenty and customers are primarily concerned about the so-called legal high brought by the company’s products.

Some of the categories of the Legal Buds for sale are herbal smokes, Mood enhancers, Smoking Oils, Smoking Blends and also the Herbal Shisha. Legals Buds get you high without the usual toxic chemicals present in other tobacco because their products are 100% organically grown. Legal bud effects are all natural and therefore ideal either for leisure smoking or just plain fashion smokers statement. Some issues surfaced about the use of Legal Buds vs. weed and they say it is of no comparison because legal buds will not get you high as weed does. The company also accept those who would like to partner with them and be a distributor of their products. Wholesale customers are also encouraged and they just have to apply online in their website. They however do not entertain wholesale purchases of online merchants. Legal buds affiliate program is also available and the member can get as much as 50% commissions from the sale of their products.

Legal Buds discounts are available in some of their products and the buds are sold in ounces and priced in US dollars and all orders exceeding $25 are entitled to a free herbal smoke. They have worldwide delivery and Legal buds shipping discount is available in the form of free shipment for orders in excess of $149. Payment methods accepted include credit cards whether visa or Mastercard, E-Check, Cash, Check, and Money orders.

Legal Buds

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