Type: Regular, Medical
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 70 Days
Yield: 1-3 lbs
Height: Short
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
Effect: Pain Relief
Flavor: Fruity
THC Level:15%+
Growing: Medium/Hard

Herijuana is a marijuana strain that would certainly amaze you when it comes to its appearance. It would somehow come in a form of hashbrowns that you would certainly crave. Also, Herijuana would somehow come in clumps of marijuana strains with dark green and brown hues in its body. This marijuana strain would actually be one of your great Hash plants to consider. To be specific, this marijuana strain is commonly known for being similar to the Afghan Hash Plant. This marijuana strain is actually mistaken to be the clone featured in The Cannabible.
Moreover, Herijuana would also give you amazing traits. You could expect a potency from Herijuana that is above average. In addition to this, you could expect this marijuana strain to be useful in medical applications.   It could treat pain. Also, it would be perfect for migraines and headaches. Plus, it would still be useful even to treat extreme pain.