Miami White

Type: Regular, Medical
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: Medium
Height: Short
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
Effect: Strong, Sleepy
Flavor: Minty, Earthy
THC Level: 18%+
Growing: Medium/Hard

Miami White Strain is among the medicinal marijuana strains you could get from Loompa Seeds. This marijuana strain would certainly give you more benefits other than the high that could be provided by Miami White. There is no given information if Miami White Strain is actually suitable for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse cultivation. You would still have to wait for the information so that you could get Miami White to perform best. Moreover, there is no flowering period from Miami White that is actually definite figures. Also, Miami White would still be giving you seeds that are mystical.
There is different information that Miami White would still need to give, one of which is its yield production. You would still be surprised by how this marijuana strain could give you effects since Miami White did not provide its own description of the effect. Moreover, there would be lots of controversy about the taste and scent of the marijuana strain.