Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Skunk

Type:  Feminized
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Yield:  400-500 gr/m2
Height:  Tall
Indica/Sativa:  60% Sativa, 40% Indica
Effect:  Sense booster
Flavour:  Sweet
THC Level:  
Growing:  Easy

This is an indica/sativa strain that has a potency that can be best described to be 7/10. Know that to develop Lemon Skunk, it is necessary to use the lemon phenol Skunk #1, a strain that has been used for many hybrids for many years now, and the original Lowrider.
Lemon Skunk is oen of the shorter varieties that Lowlife is able to offer their customers. The plant’s height can only reach up to 14 inches. There are cases wherein the plant’s height exceeds having 14 inches height but cases like that are rare to happen. Lemon Skunk tends to form one large main cola with minimal branching. You will notice that the plants are very symmetrical when you are growing Lemon Skunk.
A strong point of Lemon Skunk is its aroma and the kind of high it is able to deliver. The high of Lemon Skunk is in between the fast sativa high and the couch locking indica kind of high.