The LSD Marijuana Strain us a mine-stimulating hallucinogen thas is used in the 1950s because of its long-lasting, mind-altering effects. Recreational consumers enjoy this strain because of its reality-changing effects, with its high THC content which 24% of users should be responsible and careful about smoking this weed. 

Although, this doesn’t dop the consumers from using this weed because of its mind-numbing possibility. This strain is known for knocking out the users even with just an average dosage. This is usually consumed at night time because it can also help those who are suffering from insomnia and can also help those who are in great pain. Here are the tips you can get on growing LSD marijuana. 

TOP 7 Tips on Growing LSD Marijuana

Tip 1: Strain Review

The LSD marijuana strain is not an ideal strain for first-time marijuana users because of its high THC content that reaches up to 24%. Though this strain has a 2.5% CBD content it still can’t counter the strong effect of intoxication compound. It produces a strong cerebral high, this will helps you relax before the indica effects take in. 

This strain is used for pain-relieving because some of the consumers say that it gives an “elevated” feeling to the point that they can’t feel any pain than they usually feel. This also gives the users a euphoric high that boosts their energy and can increase their creative mind. 

Tip 2: Difficulty Growing LSD Marijuana Strain

When talk about growing this strain, cultivator says that it is an easy plant to grow and cultivate. Because of its resistance to pests and some parasites. If you always feed this plant with an average nutrient, you can expect a fair substantial yield for as long as the area’s humidity level is in check. Or else, you will need to prune your marijuana plants to lessen the risk of the molds. 

Tip 3: Best Growing Techniques for LSD Marijuana Strain

This strain is the best cannabis strain that can test your pruning skills. Successful pruning can help you increase your yields. Though it doesn’t grow tall, instead it will grow bushy and thick you will allow and want it. It is recommended to prune just the lower part of the branches to make sure that the energy is focused on huge buds above.

The topping requires cutting off the peak of the plant at the branch between the nodes. It will make a couple of colas at the peak of the plant, so you can apply a Low-Stress Training to put down the stems and make extra colas. The recent colas are equally spread out. It is a process that “stresses” the LSD plant with a small and have s number of days to retrieve and to start expanding again.

Tip 4: LSD Marijuana Yield Expectations

LSD Marijuana Strain is a great high-yielding in both outdoors and indoor environments. It usually produces 21 ounces per square meter when grown indoors, can produce 18 ounces of high-quality buds per plant. The outdoors can also benefit from its early harvest. As the plant can be ready to harvest in mid-September.

It is really worth it if you are growing LSD marijuana depending on how much if this plant you’re gonna use. Medical consumers usually find that growing saves money for them in the long-term.

Tip 5:  Feeding the LSD Marijuana 

This strain can survive in an average feeding schedule. Though you should reckon growing it in an organic super soil, that comprises a feature of organic ingredients with bat guano and worm casting. 

As you should likely know potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen are the main nutrients, and they are ready-made fertilizers that are available from any NPK stores. And for example, if the bag of nutrients says 3-2-1 it means that there are 3 parts of nitrogen in every 2 parts of the phosphorus and just one-part potassium. 

The abundant nitrogen soil amendments involve a crustacean meal, which also includes chitin and calcium among the other nutrients. The chicken manure and rock dust increase phosphorus while wood ash and kelp meal increase potassium. 

Tip 6: Flowering Time of LSD Marijuana Strain

The LSD’s flowering period is about 7 to 8 weeks, which makes this strain a quick-growing strain. It is great to invest in a tiny microscope once the harvest time starts. It will have an amazing view of 60x as it makes you spot the milky trichomes and the buds; a sign that this plant is ready for harvest. When the color of the trichomes is slightly amber it is not ready to harvest, and you don’t have to wait for too long. 

It is important to have a clean set tool when it is harvest time. Huge scale cultivators have a microbiologist on hand who will swab test all the set tools for the contaminant before using it. However, if you’re a home grower you don’t need to pay for a microbiologist, but all you should do is to make sure that the harvesting tools will remain in the harvesting space all the time. 

Tip 7:  The Best Climate for Growing LSD Marijuana Strain?

LSD marijuana growers should always keep the day time temperature in the range of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The outdoor growers and cultivators should be cautious of the heavy rainfall because the thick buds are soaked, or else they can develop powdery mildew or molds. And in the end, it will cause a common disease that is seen on the leave and the buds of your marijuana plants. You can usually see it on the lower part of branches because of the poor airflow, less light exposure, and high humidity. 

It’s easy to be seen but it spread very fast. For it to prevent the powdery mildew by just spraying your marijuana plants with an organic fungicide, and prune it when it is necessary to upgrade the overall airflow. A combination of water and 3% hydrogen makes a potent solution that can take away mildew and sterilize the harvests buds. 


In order to have a successful growing journey on the LSD Marijuana seeds, you have to follow the tips and advice that are given above. This strain won’t disappoint you if you just grow this plant healthy and properly. These LSD marijuana seeds are available on Crop King Seeds and on our other store. You can always ask for more information, we will kindly respond to your needs.