Because of the legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medical use in Canada, marijuana seed banks with a good reputation have become accessible in this country. There are many different marijuana seed banks that offer different kinds of weed seeds and some people might find it difficult to choose the right seed bank that could give them what they are looking for. It is also possible for some to feel reluctant about ordering weed seeds online. For one, marijuana seeds for sale have been a controversial topic for many years now, and purchasing it online might seem dangerous and garner any unwanted attention from local authorities in their areas. Another area of concern that makes people reluctant about purchasing weed seeds online is the possibility of being scammed and hacked when ordering from online sites. Many people take advantage of online purchases by posing as reliable sources of weed seeds where in reality, their aim is to claim money from people with no intention of providing high quality weed seeds. If this is your concern as a customer, then do not worry. This article will focus mainly on listing down some of the best and most reliable seed banks found in Canada. Wherever you are located in the world, these Canadian seed banks can ship your orders internationally with a guarantee of high-quality products 99% of the time.


Crop King Seeds – One of the most well-known seed banks and breeders out there and quite possibly the most reliable of them all, “the King” takes pride in providing the highest quality seeds and excellent customer services worldwide. Crop King Seeds offers a variety of seeds. Aside from selling world-famous seeds that most marijuana users know about, they also offer their own hybrids and developed seeds. They are also known for being one of the top seed breeders in Canada today, often producing weed seeds that go on to be fan favorites among all marijuana growers and planters all around the world. With stealth shipping and speedy deliveries, Crop King Seeds definitely takes home the crown as a top marijuana seed bank in Canada. By visiting their website you will find thereof more than 500 new strains available to choose from their marijuana lists.

SunWest Genetics – Among the top marijuana seed banks located in Canada is SunWest Genetics, a cannabis company known for its unique strains and reliable shipping. SunWest Genetics aims to continue improving and enhancing the cannabis seeds that they develop in order to give high quality marijuana seeds to future generations to come.

MJ Seeds Canada – MJ Seeds Canada offers some of the highest quality seeds for the lowest prices possible. They offer many discount promos which are great for people who look to save up some money without having to settle for lower quality seeds. They offer different promos and discounts each month so if you are looking to purchase weed seeds regularly, being a frequent customer at MJ Seeds is perfect for you.

Beaver Seed – is a Canada based marijuana seed bank that is focused on selling some of the most famous and sought after seeds in the world. Same as all the seed banks mentioned on this list, they also offer international shipping so their market is not limited to just Canada. Beaver Seeds has been among the top marijuana seed banks for many years with reliable products and customer service representatives ready to assist at all times.

These are just some of the many marijuana seed banks in Canada that are known for their high-quality cannabis products. For more information on these seed banks, you can visit their websites at any time. They each have a 24/7 customer service line available for anyone who needs it.