CBD or Cannabidiol is commonly found in cannabis. Unlike the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the CBD has a cool effect giving a relaxing and non-intoxicating effect that gives them recreational and medical uses. Because of the lack of stony side effect of the CBD usually of the high THC strain, the marijuana strains high in CBD is a perfect choice for the people who needs to have a clear-head during treating nausea, chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, muscle spasms, and more. 

It has been proven by many users who have experienced the upsides effect of CBD, it might be hard to find a high-strain CBD today because of so many CBD strains hitting on the market. 

Marijuana strains high in CBD can help consumers with pain relief, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety. Just like you can look for strains that are high in THC content, indica, or sativa, you can also look for marijuana strain high in CBD.

Medical Benefit of CBD/Low THC Strains

However, the CBD affects the body in a certain way, there are still a few ways it can be used. The CBD is taken orally, it is also inhaled through a vaporizer or applied topically. CBD oil tincture and edibles are other popular ways to use the cannabinoid. 

The CBD’s common effects are to reduce dependence on prescription and other medication and alleviate chronic pain. A researched study of Xiong et al., released in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, discovered that the CBD remarkably can reduce chronic pain in mice and rats. The researchers deduce that the cannabinoid can treat chronic pain, and are currently used to treat diseases such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Effects of CBD

The CBD is also seen as an important process of healing arthritic pain. A research study by Hammel et al. used CBD to get to rats in just a course of 4 days. The dosage was added for each day and the researchers found that the rats learned reduced the overall pain and inflammation in their influenced joints without side effects. 

A low THC or high CBD strain is called Charlotte’s Web accompanied in the use of CBD as healing for pediatric seizures, as the CBD can help reduce the seizure frequency in a lot of children that were in time incorporated into a medical treatment called Epidiolex. 

TOP 5 Marijuana Strains High in CBD 

  • CB Autoflower Cheese Marijuana Seeds

This strain is great for a new grower as it is very easy to grow. It can survive both outdoors and indoors. If you are a new marijuana grower you might want to get yourself this strain before growing harder CBD strains. 

This strain is a high yielding marijuana plant that was originated in the UL with 10% Ruderalis, 15% Sativa, and 75% Indica, this strain also gives a kind of high that is very unique to its class. It has been a crowd favorite since then. The CBD Auto Cheese also gives a relaxing and calming effect that is so great at soothing the body and calming the mind of the consumer, and a lot of consumers use it for medical purposes. 

CBD Auto Cheese is for growers who use its strong calming effects. Regardless if you grow it for personal or commercial use, having strain at your jettison comes with so many benefits that are uncommon in other strains.

  • CB Diesel CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The CB Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain hybrid, that has 3 huge components of its genetic characteristics which are Turbo Diesel, Sour Diesel, and Harlequin. Also when talking about the power this CB Diesel is a train that has a high CBD level which is 20%, and less THC content which is 0.25%. With its high CBD content and less THC content, this strain is great for new marijuana smokers, and to those who prefer less THC high effects after consuming.

This strain has been doing a great job to its users with its calming effect with no heavy sedation. Also it uplifting effects help in boosting mood, and increasing energy during the overall performance, usually in social settings. 

Normally the uplifting effect of this CB Diesel shows in first smoke and then follower with a relaxing feeling. The mood-intensifying features of this strain also help consumers who might be dealing with depression, and its effects can also help people who have anxiety, ADD, PTSD, ADHD, and stress. 

  • CB Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A strain that is loved by many, the CB Dream marijuana comes feminized. It is ideal if you have a container overflowing with big buds that are plentifully covered with glistening trichomes and attractive colorful hairs all over. The first you’ll observe about this strain is its smell of citrus and sweet pine. 

This strain is very easy to grow and is recommended for the new growers searching to sharpen their growing skills without compromising the quality of the buds. The CB Dream is the offspring and the Original Kush and Blue Dream and has a 20% sativa and 80% indica.

This CBD strain has a ratio of CBD and THC which are both 6%. This means that this strain is ideal for those who are searching to grow cannabis for medical purposes. Its effects are usually described as focused and clear-headed. This plant is perfect for those who are not looking for a hard-hitting high stone effect. Use the CB Dream if you want a bit of relaxation without psychedelic effects and compromising. 

  • CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This strain is an ideal choice for new marijuana growers because it’s an easy marijuana plant to grow, also a sativa-dominant plant. This can yield a huge amount of dankest buds and thrives in both indoors and outdoors environments. 

This CB Dutch Treat has low THC content which is 4% and high in CBD content which is 8%, which means that this strain is a great choice if you want a medical marijuana strain or to cook some dank edibles. 

CB Dutch Treatment is high in CBD (8%) and low in THC (only 4%)  which implies it’s a perfect option if you’re searching for a medical strain to produce light or cook in some dank foods. Overall, this plant ‘s impact is very strong which is not surprising given its genetics.

Generally, most of the effect of this CB Dutch Treat is euphoric, energetic, and uplifting. This is great to consume when you feel kind of inactive. This strain can boost your energy. And in term 

of medical use, this strain can help relax your body, relieve pain, and can make you feel refreshed and cool. 

  • Auto CBD Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Auto CBD Critical Mass is perfect to use at night time due to its strong muscle-relaxing capacities. It can take away pains and give a clear experience for the consumers. A crossbreed of Low Ryder and the Critical Mass, and it is a pure CBD strain, which has high CBD content, that makes it perfect for medical marijuana. 

This strain is perfect for treating people who are suffering from epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It is earthy and sweet and has a long-lasting effect with pleasant effects that give well for new marijuana smokers. It is best to grow outdoors where it can have a lot of sunlight. 


The major active compounds in marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), Both of them are similar in many ways, but there is one very huge difference. The use of marijuana strains high in CBD may help to relieve some symptoms, particularly when paired with certain methods, such as rehabilitation. And above is 5 of the TOP high in CBD strains that are found in Crop King Seeds.