With the growing number of different marijuana strains out there today, it is easy to see why people often have a difficult time choosing which one to purchase online. As time passes, more and more types of marijuana strains are discovered. Additionally, several marijuana seed breeders start to develop and come up with their own set of unique marijuana strains. This speaks volumes about how progressive the cannabis industry is in terms of development and adaptation to the society. However, how much do people really know about marijuana strains? What are the important things to know about the different types of cannabis strains?

Here at Seed Bank Review, we make it a point to continuously provide information about the different marijuana seed banks. However, our scope is not limited to just that. We also discuss many different marijuana strains. On our website, people may find specific details and information about all types of weed strains. We provide descriptions and useful content that explains the different areas and aspects of cannabis. If you wish to know things such as the THC content, origin, effects, and useful medical benefits of each cannabis strain, then go on and browse our ”Strains” page.


If you have tried shopping for marijuana seeds or you just happened to start researching about cannabis, then you may have read about cannabis strains before. Terms such as indica, sativa, autoflowering, THC, and CBD are very much correlated to marijuana strains. These refer to the different kinds of marijuana that people tend to purchase. Marijuana strains are categorized based on these terms because they give customers a better understanding and idea of what they are purchasing. You see, cannabis strains are distinguished separately because of the unique traits and characteristics that they possess.

Marijuana strains impart different smells, flavors, and even effects in each user. They way they operate in a person’s body also depend largely on a person’s tolerance to the substance as well as the compounds found in the marijuana strain. Additionally, each one of these strains may be used for a number of purposes, whether it be recreational or medical.


Picking the right marijuana strain is a fun yet complicating task. It will always start out with knowing what you want. You must first decide what you are looking for when you purchase a certain type of weed strain. What effects do you wish to feel? Are you using it for medical purposes? Have you tried using marijuana before? Is your tolerance to the substance enough to handle a certain type of weed strain? What time of the day do you plan on using the strain? Answering all these questions can help narrow down the search from a hundred different weed strains to around 10 to 15.

Afterwards, you should familiarize yourself with the different kinds of cannabis strains out there. There are many famous weed types and they gained their fame for a reason. A good place to look would be several marijuana review sites. Here, customers and marijuana enthusiasts from all around the world give their thoughts on the marijuana strains that they purchase. Additionally, there are dozens of lists dedicated to summarizing the “best marijuana strains” in different categories so these may also be a reference point for you.

To sum things up, there are different cannabis strains for all types of customers out there. It is all a matter of looking for it and finding the right seed bank to order them from. Once you get the hang of the whole process, you will find yourself ordering weed seeds like an expert!

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