Amnesia G13 Marijuana Seeds

Amnesia G13

Type:  Regular, High Breed
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor/Green House
Flowering: 68-82 days
Yield:  Very High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Effect: weed insane strong/long lasting
Flavour:  fruity/spicy
THC Level:  20-23%
Growing:  Easy/Medium

Amnesia G13 has become one of the well-known cannabis strains by Dutch growers because of its amazing potency and quality. Marshall Seeds is very much proud about this cannabis strain which is a combination of the very potent Amnesia combined with the already potent G13 male. Amnesia was a combination of different cannabis cup winners and was improved when it was combined with G13.
This marijuana strain has long trichomes, big colas, and amazing buds. This is actually a new and improved Amnesia for sativa lovers out there. It is also good for any grow environment — indoor, outdoor, and even greenhouse growing.
If you grow this marijuana strain, you would probably be surprised with its very hash potent harvest — something that you can’t expect for a strain which can grow anywhere. The yield is very high and the effect is insanely strong and it actually last longer than any other sativa out there.
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