Top 5 Medical Marijuana Strains

When we talk about a strain’s efficiency in the medical field, cannabinoids are the main important thing. There are two features that a cannabinoid contains: the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or Cannabinol. THC is considered as the most common kind. Medical marijuana strains may contain 15-20% THC level. This tends to blend to neuroreceptors within the brain, while a CBD can affect receptors through your body. Experts said indica strains contain higher THC amounts and Sativa strains contain a large amount of CBD level. The kind of strain you will select depends on the symptoms you are having or wanted to treat.

Their Uses and Benefits

Cannabis truly contains different cannabinoids, unique components that produce beneficial effects. We have researched the top 5 best medical marijuana strains you can choose from, this includes.

  •         CANDIDA (CD-1)

      This is a unique strain with 20% CBD and less than 1% THC contentment. This has been bred for patients looking to treat mainly by CBD. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with several medical components. CD-1 has been known as an effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and a lot more issues. Some experts suggest CBD may also contain antipsychotic properties. Problems with seizures, tremors, chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, and even anxiety can be treated with this strain.

  •         FAST EDDY

      The potential of this strain lies in its balanced effects. It only contains a 9% THC level that doesn’t produce strong psychoactive effects associated with most recreational strain. This strain will leave you productively functional and capable of doing responsibilities. It is known to be ideal for patients that need relief from pain, stress, and depression.


      It contains a ratio of 1:2 (THC: CBD). This strain has a %% THC and 10% CBD level, making it a great choice for patients looking to treat issues without having psychotic effects. Purple Orange can deal with symptoms like muscle pain, anxiety, and more. You will gain a relaxed and calm feeling yet still productive.

  •         CBD BLUE SHARK

      This is a medical strain that is an indica-dominant. Contains an equal ratio of 1:1 and phenomenal for many patients that seek well-balanced effects. Most consumers want this strain because it does not produce strong psychoactive results while treating issues. This can be used during the day without disturbing your work.


       A sweet Nurse produces several medicinal benefits. It does create subtle effects that leave users a relaxed and calm sensation, a great way to deal with pain and nausea. For some consumers, the relaxing effects of this medicinal strain can soothe the mind and relieve symptoms with anxiety and depression. Did you know that can deal with insomnia and other sleep issues?

Planning to Cultivate medical marijuana strains?

If you plan to cultivate medical marijuana strains, it is important to require the correct materials for growing. You may need the right things to make sure your plant will develop healthier and gain you a bountiful harvest. You may need:

  •         Soil or medium
  •         Aeration or ventilation
  •         Light (LED or Sunlight)
  •         Water Supply
  •         Growing area (indoor or outdoor)
  •         Nutrients (fertilizers etc.)

With these things, you can ensure your growth will be successful with the proper method.

Get your own strain now!

Collect your own strain now, you can purchase at your local cannabis store. If you want, you can cite the internet and find some legitimate stores that sell these types of strains. Experience their medicinal effects and start to be pleasured by these strains today!

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