Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

BigBud XXl

Type:  Feminized
Climate: Sea of Green  Outdoor
Flowering: 7 to 8  Weeks
Yield:  Very High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Indica
Effect: High, stoned
Flavour:  Full Flavor
THC Level:  15%
Growing:  Moderate

The biggest producer among all Ministry of Cannabis Collection, Big Bud XXL can give you a massive yield of 500 to 650 gram per square meter if planted indoors. Outdoor growing produces an overwhelming 1 kg yield per plant. This feminized marijuana plant is 80% indica and has medium height. It grows well in Sea of Green method and if planted outdoors, it develops into a bigger plant in mild and warm climate only. Its flowering time outdoors is within just 7 to 8 weeks only and its THC level is measured at 15%.
This weed strain develops several enormous buds even on the side branches hence support such as net, bamboo sticks and Jojos are needed. The plant does not like heavy pruning. The effect is a strong, long lasting psychedelic and makes you sleepy. Expert growers find this weed plant extraordinary and it is highly recommended. But it is not the strain for first time and inexperienced growers.