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Mr Nice Seedbank

Mr Nice Marijuana Seeds

A sister company of Shantibaba, the Mr. Nice marijuana seeds are known all over the industry and recognized as some of the finest weed seeds around. Customers are particularly looking for their Critical mass, Super Silver Haze, medicine man, and shark shock among others. The company is also home to a lot of winners like Northern Lights No.5 x Haze, White Widow, and white shark to name a few. This breeder of fine pot seeds has two categories for their strains and they are called The Naturals (old School Genetics) and Exclusive Limited Editions (New Blends of Old School genetics).

Over the years, Mr. Nice seedbank reviews have been generally positive and much of the credit goes to the 3 founders of the company who never tired of their goal of producing quality marijuana seeds especially those with medicinal values like medical marijuana seeds. The 3 founders are Shantibaba, Howard Marks also known as Mr. Nice, and Neville Schoenmaker, the pioneer of Dutch Seedbanks.

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

Those who would like to get in touch with them can do so by leaving them a message. The company deals with seedbanks and other retailers like Alien Growshop, Grow High, and even with online marijuana seeds auctioneer like Seedbay. Mr. Nice Seedbank marijuana seeds discount coupons are not displayed on their web page and those who would like to become a retailer and know more if they have other promos like shipping discounts may give them a call using the numbers indicated on the left lower pane of this page.

Mr Nice Seedbank
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6 thoughts on “Mr Nice Seedbank”

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  2. Hi

    well my dealing with Mr Nice Seedbank was an absolute pleasure unlike any other seed company in the world imo. Simone who heads sales went the full mile to offer assistance and back up service while i actually got to talk directly with Shantibaba about the strain. It seems no big egos effected this legendary set of people who make up Mr Nice Seedbank , not to mention some of the best plants i ever grew in my entire life. Thanks Mr Nice! 

  3. Mr.Nice is a real seedbank with exellent customer support. If you have any problems they are willing to work with you and understand you as a grower. Not like those big seedbanks that charge you big money for not so top of the line product and if you have any problems there is nobody you can call or write to help you out as the grower….
    all I can say that with this seed bank there is always someone that can answer all of your questions …Good job
    I give Mr.Nice, as a seedbank 5 stars out of 5….

  4. Hi 

    well this is perhaps one of the longest running companies with original genetics especially those who are looking for old school hazes and G13 hybrids, and Widows. The pedigree of Mr Nice Seedbank is unsurpassed and most of the new feminized seed companies just copy these guys. The are also involved in the new breeding of enriched CBD strains with the CBD-crew project, and look after medical patients like they are no 1. Well done on all levels especially the personal service by , a real pleasure to deal with compared to most other in this field. 

  5. They don’t offer marijuana seeds for sale on retail basis so we just have to look for their seeds from their retailers and other seedbank.  The seedbay could be my choice but the problem is they auction seeds and that means you have to bid high to win right?

    1.  I love the mr. nice auction myself I’ve gotten most of my strains from them for about half off. you can also order seeds direct from shantibaba just send him a pm from the forum he’ll give you prices but you will pay more then you’ll pay at the auction. one thing for sure if I ever want a strain from mr. nice I’m going to that auction the only thing I don’t like is he don’t send them in the breeder packs from the auction but he’s deffinetly reliable.

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