Ice Queen Marijuana Seeds

Ice Queen

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: 56 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium-Tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
Effect: Honest High
Flavour: Excellent
THC Level: High
Growing: Medium/Hard

Ice Queen is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is not a perfectly balanced marijuana strain of the two said strains. Instead, Ice Queen is known for being a mostly Indica in the background despite being an Indica-Sativa hybrid. Moreover, Ice Queen would be suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is certain that you would be able to extend the possibilities of growing the marijuana strain. Also, Ice Queen would give you a flowering period of 56 days on average, which you could consider to be short in terms of flowering period level. In addition to this, this strain would not give you any feminized seeds.
This marijuana strain would certainly stimulate lots of enjoyment for you. This marijuana strain is the result of years of development just to improve what other strains already have. This is the crossing of Master Ice as well as Valley Queen. This is considered to be the strongest from No Mercy.