Northern Lights Marijuana strain is one of the modern-day standout almost pure Indica cannabis varieties and its popularity was iconic even well before the new century. This extraordinary Afghani plant now has legendary status among farmers, medicinal users as well as recreational users alike. The compact, thick, pungent buds are simple to grow, which is the first-class medication and are possibly the principal Indica among Indicas. The Indica form which all Indicas continue to be judged to this day.

This is important to use from the Afghani and Thai genotypes, particularly because of its THC level of 14 % to 19 percent. That is why it will better cultivate your appetite. Also, many people look at this in conjunction with chemotherapy therapies. So if you struggle with eating problems, it’s the best strain you can ever use. Northern Lights marijuana strain, known by a lot of people as a two-hit and leave pull, throw the body into a wondrously numbing, lazy state. Also in lower doses, they need to sit on the sofa and listen to the munchies call can be daunting to inexperienced consumers.

Growing Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights is a relatively simple growing vine. After a fairly short flowering period of about 7 to 8 weeks, you are likely to get a great harvest. Even the new growers will be pleasantly surprised by the amounts of buds they’ll reap in their first attempt. This is an extremely stable fundamental favorite of breeders who are known for their predictability and will still pass on the parent’s characteristics. Northern Lights is very dense and compact. It would certainly be a powerlifter if it were a human.

Northern Lights is known for its simplicity of cloning and overall toughness. This is a pest-resistant and sturdy disease plant which is not susceptible to rot buds is immune to spider mites and is very easy to grow with minimal fuss or concern. This makes this strain perfect in somewhat colder climes for outdoor production. Outdoors it is a rare instance that likes quite dry feet and adds little nutrients to the soil. It reacts well to all pot sizes and, if given additional light at the start of the season, can stretch monstrously.

Low odor and easy growing combined with high yields and excellent resin production allow Northern Lights the Indica gene pool’s first preference-both for the high quality requested by the connoisseur for the very satisfying yields the commercial grower has insisted upon.

For 6  six to 8 the strain flowers and yields up to 125 grams per square meter. Northern Lights produces approximately 100 g per plant in a typical greenhouse system. To those who choose consistency and ease over quantity, this strain represents a definite alternative. After its arrival on the medical scene, however, there have been multiple imitations and it has been crossed by many growers with anything but held the same name.

The Northern Light Strain Taste, Smell, and Effects

When you want to join the realm of the northern forests, with the earthy and pine aromas of Northern Lights, you’ll get there. Sweet undertones make the flavor pungent, which will please the taste buds. The scent and taste of Northern Lights are special and relaxing, it is like waking up in the middle of a coniferous forest early in the morning. Northern Lights triggers classic marijuana Indica down-tempo feeling, great for in-depth talks with your best friends; yoga, tai-chi, and exercises of meditation; chillin’ on your sofa, though watching your favorite show. Northern Lights are used by many users for medical reasons, such as discomfort, depression, and stress. Get a zen-out and a toke of this magnificence.

Medical Benefits

Because the Northern Lights marijuana strain has such a strong impact on the high body side, it may seem evident that this weed is exceptional in treating chronic numb pain, arthritis, migraines, and more. In addition, Northern Lights beautifully assist with loss of appetite and sleeplessness (insomnia). To anyone having a medicinal condition that is more on the physical side, there may be a higher dosage of cannabis from Northern Lights in order to show the maximum effects for the most efficient relief possible. Consumption of live resin edibles, candies,  extracts, concentrates, and hash are all ways to get a higher dose of cannabis with less effort. Patients with mental disorders may also find extreme relief with Northern Lights, especially those who manage depression, stress, and anxiety.

This cannabis strain has a way to calm any negative thoughts and elevate the positive ones, which is partially why it is so effective in this form of treatment, but the wisest choice when facing this type of medical condition is a small to medium dosage since too high a dosage can cause unwanted increase anxiety, or nausea, and stress.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Because of its strong Indica genetics, Northern Lights has no potential to generate paranoia or elevated anxiety unless you are a person susceptible to panic attacks triggered by THC, and more. Whether that is the case, keeping away from any strong varieties of THC, or only sticking with micro-dosing, would be safer.

Northern Lights marijuana strains most widely describe adverse impact effects are just like the other cannabis strains; dry eyes and dry mouth. With just a bit extra planning, dry mouth is easily manageable; ensure to drink more than enough hydrating fluids just before, while, and after the intake of your Northern Lights.

This enhanced absorption of water also will prevent you from experiencing headaches or dehydration. Equally, dry eyes can be quickly fixed by having a bottle of moisturizing eye drops at hand which can be obtained cheaply from your nearest drug store. Overall, for an overwhelming range of individuals and personalities, Northern Lights has few adverse side effects, making it a very perfect cannabis strain.

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked reviewing this overview of Northern Lights and it is our hope that you find this article not only exciting but educational and insightful as well. Real Indicas are a pleasure to behold, and they will genuinely take your mind and body to another – ideally better – place in this world than the one we inhabit here.