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A Dutch breeder specializing in small runs of medical strains is what Omni Seeds is about. Some of the marijuana seeds they sell to various seedbanks include “Agnih”, “AK-Snow”, “Auto Himalaya Diesel”, “Bangara”, and “Bhusana”. Most of the weed they sell are hybrids. The website featuring the omni seeds display which strain of marijuana is used; whether it is suitable for growing indoors or outdoors; the flowering time; and user votes. In addition, it includes an indication whether the seeds are feminized or not. Of the ten pot seeds that they sell, the weeds which show to be the fastest in terms of the flowering period is the “Rasah” and “Kalyana” which takes only up to two months or 60 days. This is followed closely by “Auto Himalaya Diesel” which takes around 63 days, and then “Bangaru” which hold a record of 67 days for the flowering period. Majority of the weed seeds are ideal for both indoor and outdoor growth.
The payment method used when you order online varies according to the website where you buy the weed from, but they would most likely accept major credit cards. The shipping of the seeds may take two weeks, but may take up to three weeks in some.

Omni Seeds

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