Early Maroc Marijuana Seeds

Early Maroc

This weed plant is 100% Sativa and a variety of landrace Maroco strain. It is a highly sturdy weed plant that can grow even in adverse climate conditions and arid soil. Indoor growing is also possible but it gives better results when allowed to flourish in an outdoor environment. Early Maroc is very easy to grow and can thrive even with not much attention. With its medium-height of fewer than 2 meters, it is ideally grown in 25-liter containers or in fields for guerilla growing methods.

Flowering time for Early Maroc will finish around the end of August if grown outdoors and based on photoperiod if raised indoors. It will grow buds that are thick and elongated with narrow green leaves that are not too many which makes it easy to manicure in most cases. Expect the buds to have plenty of sticky resin and an aroma that is fruity similar to strawberry gum flavor. Yield is good enough since the grower can expect to harvest around 350gr/plant in an outdoor setting and about 400 gr/m2 if grown indoors. The hit is uplifting and cerebral followed by a decent relaxing effect that can last for a short time depending on your tolerance level.

Type: Feminized
Climate: Outdoor
Flowering: Harvest by late August
Yield: Up to 350gr/plant
Height: Up to 176 cm
Indica/Sativa: 100% Sativa
Effect: Euphoric
Flavor: Fruity, Hash
Growing: Easy