K-13 Marijuana Seeds

K-13 Strain

Philosopher Seeds did an excellent job when they crossed Yumbolt with Kali Mist. The result is a weed plant we now know as K-13 Strain and it is a strong hybrid that displays both major characteristics of its parents. It is easy to grow and produces thin leaves with incense aroma and very good Sativa high that it inherited from its Kali Mist parent. As for the vigor and compact built of this weed plant, it is a phenotype it got from its Yumbolt genes. Combining the features of its parents, K13 makes for an ideal pot plant for both experts and beginners in marijuana cultivation.

K-13 is ideal to grow in almost any environment whether indoor or outdoor. It is perfect for SCROG but not ideal for a sea of green because of its branchy and bushy structure. Make perfect sense to grow in a greenhouse set-up and thrives very well if grown in large containers with 50 liter capacity for better roots development. Flowering is expected to finish in just 60 days on average. This is a fast-finishing weed plant and the grower just needs to spend about 3 weeks on the vegetative stage and it is ready to bloom. Yield is expected to be encouraging as the grower can harvest as much as 600gr/plant if it is raised outdoors.

Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: 55 to 65 days
Yield: Up to 600gr/ plant
Height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
Effect: Uplifting high
Flavor: Fruity
THC Level: 16 to 18%
Growing: Easy