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Positronics is a Spanish based marijuana breeder/seed bank with Cum Laude as its banner hybrid seed. Cum Laude is a pure Sativa Haze which is created as a tribute to Mr. Antonio Escohotado, who is considered one of the pioneers who initiated the fight for the rights of marijuana users. He is a philosopher and a thinker who is known for his valuable contribution in normalizing the issue on cannabis. Cum Laude is a product of hibridisation of three different pure sativas which are Queen Mother, Tijuana and original Haze. Cum Laude, also called as the jewel in the crown, is created to maintain a stable supply of pure and potent sativa strains in marijuana market.
Among the award winning marijuana seeds of Positronics are Carameliced, Black Widow, Blue Rhino, Critical #47, Jack Diesel, Claustrum and Purple Haze #1. The new strains introduced in 2011 are Somango #47, Amnesia Mistery, Super Cheese, Automatic Afghan Express and Critical Express.The first automatic strain of Positronics is Mayday Express which is a hybrid of Lowryder II and Misty. To place orders, ask questions and for suggestions a contact page in the web site is provided to be filled in by the customer. There are no details about payment method and delivery process.


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