Pandora Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular
Climate: Outdoor
Flowering: 55 days
Yield: 250g
Height: 2 m
Indica/Sativa: Indica
Effect: Strong High
Flavour: Sweet
THC Level: 16%
Growing: Medium/Hard

Pandora has a type that is actually unknown. It is not certain if Pandora is actually one of the hybrids of Indica and Sativa or this marijuana strain is among the purest Indicas and Sativas from Pro Seeds. On the other hand, Pandora would be suitable for outdoor growing. This means that you would be cultivating outside under the great sun in order to let this marijuana bloom perfectly. Also, Pandora would provide you a flowering period of 55 days on average, which you could consider to be short in terms of flowering period level. Moreover, Pandora would not provide you any feminizedseeds.
This marijuana strain is actually termed to be a pure strain. This may mean that Pandora is actually discovered as a stand-alone marijuana plant from the mountains or it is solely developed from a genotype. Also, Pandora would provide you a resin production that is great. Pandora would also offer clean and great potency.