White Wicka Marijuana Seeds

White Wicka

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 56 days
Yield: 250g
Height: 1-2 m
Effect: Long-lasting, euphoric
THC Level: 21%
Growing: Medium/Hard

White Wicka has a type that is actually unknown. It is uncertain if White Wicka is one of the hybrids of Indica and Sativa. Also, there is no assumption saying that White Wicka is a mostly or purely Indica or Sativa strain. This marijuana strain would only be suitable for indoor cultivation. This means that you would only have limited grow room location to choose from. But, on the other hand, White Wicka would provide you pleasing flowering period of 56 days on average. This would certainly be short in terms of flowering period level. Also, White Wicka would not provide you any feminized seeds.
This marijuana strain would certainly provide you traits that are excellent in quality. Moreover, you could expect that this marijuana strain would give you a surprising high that is long-lasting. In addition to this, White Wicka would provide great surprise to a professional marijuana grower. Lastly, expect high THC from White Wicka.