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Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Marijuana Seeds

The company is led by breeders who sell their marijuana seeds in different seedbanks online. The weeds to choose from are feminized weed seeds that you could easily cultivate in your own backyard, at your convenience. The breeders constantly find ways to improve and enhance the effect that smoking pot gives to satisfy their customers; hence, there is often a variety in terms of production, flavor, and its quality. Some of the weeds are named Pyramid Seeds White Widow Feminized, Pyramid Seeds Anestesia Feminized, and Pyramid Seeds Tiburon Feminized (Shark); all of which is mostly a blend of indica and sativa strains. The only exception to this rule is the Pyramid Seeds Auto Pyramid, which is a combination of the ruderalis and indica strains.

The prices of the pot seeds (including the number of pot seeds found in a pack), as well as the terms and conditions when you buy online depends on where you place your order. This is in addition to whether or not they sell marijuana seeds to your country. The method of payment also varies, but the most common method is paying by credit cards. Some seedbanks selling marijuana seeds online has a money back guarantee, while some don’t have this option

Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 300x250

Pyramid Seeds
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4 thoughts on “Pyramid Seeds”

  1. I bought 3 Auto Anubis seeds and they all germinated with nice long tails.
    It was my first grow and I made a few mistakes Even though I was only using
    2 gallon buckets  ALL 3 plants  were a nice medium height and were easy to maintain.
    I really love this seedbank and customer service did answer my beginer grower questions without any arrogance
    5 Stars !

  2. I have gotten alot of hermies from Pyramid. These were true hermies with male and female parts on the same node. I cut the male parts off and put them in their own tent. None of them produced any bananas or self polinated, so no seeds. I have used this technique for over a year, but it is a pain in the ass. love the  plants that  flower properly like Anubis and northern lights, but auto superhash, Tut,  and blue pyramid all had hermies. I still buy their products because I can’t get enough of the superhash, my favorite plant. They make some of the most powerful and best tasting autos that I have grown. Please, Pyramid, fix the hermie problem.  I grow many plants and only the pyramid seeds hermied. I am still a customer and support their stuff, just letting people know to pay attention to your plants.

  3. Ordered some tutenkhamon never arrived, no response from website! Don’t buy from 
    no reply to emails, no product,
    rip off website beware! 

  4. I would recommend to beginners that they start with feminized weed seeds because it is really convenient as you don’t have to watch out for male weeds anymore.  If I were to start growing marijuana seeds today, I’d likely buy one of  the Pyramid Seeds strains.

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