Facewreck Haze Marijuana Seeds

Facewreck Haze

Facewreck Haze is a combination of Face Off OG kush clone and Nevils Wreck. Haze is dominant in this weed plant as shown and made evident by mostly Sativa background. It grows tall and needs to be staked when it starts blooming. Indoors, it can be prevented from growing too tall using controlled grow lights as well as trimming. Outdoors, it can stretch tall and wide so a little trimming is needed. If this weed plant is given more time to finish its vegetation and blooming stage, the grower can expect to harvest better tasting as well as heavily covered with resin buds.

Facewreck Haze needs about 10 weeks to complete its flowering stage. If raised outdoors, it will take a bit longer but better yielding in most cases. The grower can expect to harvest plenty of compact and dense buds with hard nugs and decent trichome toppings. The hit is quite unique with both Indica and Sativa high racing to give you an overall interesting high.

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: 10 weeks
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
Effect: High, stoned
Flavor: Haze
THC Level:
Growing: Moderate