Ghost Train Haze #8 Marijuana Seeds

Ghost Train Haze #8

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: 11 weeks
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa
Effect: cerebral high
Flavour: Sour pine
THC Level:
Growing: Moderate

Touted as the biggest yielder among its class, GTH #8 is actually the result of crossing Hells Angel OG with Nevil’s Wreck. It can grow in both indoor and outdoor climate and also has very good potential when introduced to sea of green. This weed plant is unique in its class and has a mild sour taste along with a decent sativa high. With a tendency to grow high, it must be trellised or staked t prevent from bending or breaking when it starts to carry large buds that are full of resin toppings.
Just like other GTH varieties, this ganja needs a long time to finish its flowering stage. Indoors it will consume around 11 weeks on the average to finish blooming while outdoors can take much longer. It will grow buds that are off white to blue in color with few short leaves around giving it a good flower to leaf ratio. Yield is quite good because of large buds and plenty of budding areas from this pot plant.