Rectangle Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: 64 days
Yield: high
Height: Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly indica
Effect: Potent high
Flavour: Pungent
THC Level:
Growing: Moderate

Rectangle is available as a clone only variety and considered as the rarest of its kind. It has an OG origin that was crossed with Afghan and the r4esult of this fusion is now known as Rectangle. This clone only weed plant has a unique yellow colored leaves and with magnificent looking buds that are thick and with lots of sticky resin. This is one of the most potent strains available and therefore ideal only for those who are seasoned with pot.
Rectangle is mostly indica in its genetics and can grow in both indoor and outdoor setting. Flowering time is over when it reaches 9 weeks on the average if grown indoors. Outdoors, it could take a while more to finish blooming. Yield is quite good and the grower can expect to harvest big buds with heavy trichomes production that can make the blade all gummed up when they are cut during harvest time. This is a very limited production marijuana hybrid and might no longer be available as of this writing.