Facts About Jager Marijuana Strain

Does jager ring the bell to you? Are you familiar with the famous German alcohol brand? Well, this marijuana strain is after that famous brand name jager for a reason that it actually tastes like that beverage with goldenseal elderberry scent and with super great taste.  Through vaping and sipping [Read more..]

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Know More About Candyland Marijuana Strain

Candyland is a Sativa-dominant strain that is an offspring of the notorious Grand Daddy Purple and the Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain, a descendant of the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  The THC content of Candyland marijuana strain tends to differ greatly based on the strength of the exact [Read more..]

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Facts About Romulan Marijuana Strain

The Romulan strain is indeed a mythical Indica-dominant strain which originally comes when people have started to joke that "dent your head" might be this strain and build ridges like the Star Trek warrior race that shares the name of the strain. The Romulan marijuana strain is recognized for its [Read more..]

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Facts About OG Kush Marijuana Strain

OG Kush Marijuana Strain is a legendary strain with such a reputation that is established well outside the world of marijuana. However, in spite of its popularity, its exact origins stay secret. It's a combination of the hardy Hindu Kush landrace and staple Chemdawg, several beliefs. OG Kush may also [Read more..]

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Facts About Obama Marijuana Strain

Obama marijuana strain is an Indica, baring frosty purple-hued plants and red panicles that produce a soft, earthy, aromatic, and often piney berry fragrance. This strain was assigned its identity as it encourages the user and raises relaxing thinking, for which Obama advocated with the very word of "Change" The [Read more..]

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Facts About Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a common and strong Indica-leaning hybrid, often referred to as Cherry Kush. This version is a descendant of the potent Durban Poison Sativa and flavorful Granddaddy Purple Indica, providing some of the best qualities of both parent strains to smokers. In a vast range of [Read more..]

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Top Trending Marijuana Strains of 2016

Different types of marijuana strain have different tastes, flavors, aromas, and of course different effects on one’s individual health. So basically, consumers have their own preferences or choices when it comes to choosing certain types and strains. Sometimes a marijuana user would like to change things up a bit and [Read more..]

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Most Potent Marijuana Strain

Marijuana is a mixture of greenish-gray dried flowers of cannabis Sativa, it is often called hemp, herb, or bud. It also comes in hand-rolled cigarettes like joints or pipes, sometimes marijuana is being rolled in cigar wraps, so some individuals smoke marijuana. Marijuana is legal and is being used for [Read more..]

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