Get To Know Headband Marijuana Strain

Headband Marijuana Strain is an iconic Indica hybrid that uses some strong genetics of cannabis to give buds with a visual "bag appeal" and a powerful high stone. While the word Headband conjures up images of hippies in colorful headgear, it simply refers to the pressure sensation that builds up [Read more..]

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The Best Marijuana Strain for Pain

Some of the most frequent medicinal marijuana treatments are pain, whether it includes pain, nausea, neuropathic pain, spinal injury, muscle soreness, chronic pain, or cramps. Customers often see different degrees of marijuana effectiveness in the treatment of pain-related disorders, depending on the nature of pain, the severity, and the physiology [Read more..]

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The Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Medical cannabis is an all-natural effective marijuana strains for anxiety. However, patients with anxiety can choose strains based on THC and CBD content carefully. We may feel anxious sometimes. Anxiety is a normal occurrence in our lives, and there’s nothing wrong about it. There are times when anxiety feels overwhelming [Read more..]

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Auto Purple Kush Marijuana Strain Information

Auto Purple Kush Marijuana is an indica-dominant purple kush strain, beginning from the own genetics of the Hindu Kush and the Purple Afghani, and is known for its exceedingly unwinding impact on both body and intellect as well as its lovely purple color. Developing low and bushy, Auto Purple Kush [Read more..]

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Facts You Need To Know About Auto Lowryder Seeds

Auto Lowryder seeds is an autoflowering crossbreed cannabis strain that was planned particularly for its little measure. In truth, it is accepted to be one of the primary autoflowering strains of cannabis. This type of cannabis plant could be a three-way crossing about thirty years within the making beginning with [Read more..]

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Short Ryder Marijuana Seeds ”Strain Reviews” Nirvana Seeds

Short Ryder Type: Feminized, Auto-flowering Climate: Indoor/Outdoor Flowering: 6-8 weeks Yield: 200-300gr/m2 in SOG Height: Short Indica / Sativa: Hybrid Effect: Stoned, body buzz, relaxing Flavour: Pungent/fruity THC Level: Growing: Easy This marijuana hybrid strain is the result of crossing Nirvanas discontinued Top 44 and Early Special. The result is [Read more..]

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The Best Marijuana Strains for Sex

When it comes to vital pleasurable physiological just like eating, we are all doing the thing that makes us happy but in a different kind of ingredient and approach. So basically our sexual desire should also be given the same attention. People have been exploring at home, sexual marijuana is [Read more..]

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Know More About Blueberry Marijuana Strain

Blueberry Marijuana Strain is a very well-known and flavored indica hybrid strain that has very strong genetics from its parents. It was breed three ways with its parents the Sativa Thai, Purple Thai, and the Afghani form parents. It was originally created by DJ Short in the 70s or 80s [Read more..]

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Cannabis 101: The Different Strains of Marijuana

If you are a consumer of cannabis, you must know the different strains of marijuana to choose from. If you have the idea of what you are using it is a good factor that you can achieve your desired effect. Some people forgot to give time to do some research [Read more..]

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