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Sagarmatha Seeds

Sagarmatha Marijuana Seeds

This company is a known marijuana breeder which grows all its seeds organically indoors. It serves the marijuana markets and its clients worldwide with connoisseur cannabis seeds for almost 20 years now. Exceptional genetics is included in its line up all of which are guaranteed fresh, original and delectable. The patented Sagamartha Seeds include Early Riser, Wonderberry, Blueberry, Bubbleberry, Flow, Matanuska Mint, Matanuska Tundra, Garderner’s Choice and many others. The Auto flowering seeds offered are Solo Ryder, AK 48, Star Ryder, Smurfberry and Double Diesel Ryder. It carries over 50 feminized seeds which include the famous Northern Lights #9 and A-1 Haze.

The accredited distributors of Sagamartha Seeds are Green Dream in Barcelona Spain and Ali Bongo in the UK. To place orders of marijuana seeds, customers can send e-mail to them. Payments can be processed through cash payments, cashiers check, and bank to bank transfers. Shipments are free of charge and deliveries are dispatched within 24 hours after payments are completed. For its returns policy, all replacement seeds should pass through the company’s English distributors and a lead time of one month is allotted for returns. Sagamartha Seeds does not deliver marijuana seeds to USA and Canada. For customers within Amsterdam, they can call the telephone numbers indicated in the website if they want personal appointments.

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3 thoughts on “Sagarmatha Seeds”

  1. From six seeds only 2 taproots  emerged from the shells and all of the seeds died any way. I have never had this problem with any other seed/company.

  2. Id say you get what you pay for in some cases but you have to be savvy check out my review on the doggies nuts breeder, I did get some from sargarmatha that germed but did not grow, the packaging did look a little out dated(not faded, just a little backwards compared to other packaging, do your research on strains you want, then try different breeders I have tended to shy away from any breeder that is using another breeders genetics as you can sometimes find the mother plants and buy both for around the same price, the question you need to ask is do you want somone else to do the hard work of makeing an epic strain, or do you wana try it yourself with some epic strains from ppl who care about their customers and then the genetics. Dna genetics comes in collector quality casing, while dj short comes in a manilla envelope, both had 100% germ rates and proved to be what they advertised. Dj short however was double the price.

  3. Why is there a very big difference in the prices of Sagamartha seeds in different seed retailers?  The price gap of the same strain sometimes is more than $100. Are the cheaper ones substandard? Seeds in Amsterdam are usually cheaper. But I am not sure about the shipment cost and fees.

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