Ak48 Marijuana Seeds


Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 67 days
Yield:  Average
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect: High, stoned
Flavour:  Sweet
THC Level:  
Growing:  Easy to moderate

For breeders or marijuana growers who have the patience to nurture their precious ganja until it flowers, then the Indigo weed from the Sativa Seedbank may be the best fit. It is a sturdy marijuana plant and only takes about two months to flower, but the weed seeds take slightly longer than usual to sprout compared to the other cannabis strain during the germination stage. Breeders who took time and effort to grow this strain are usually rewarded with a ganja that has a yield of up to 450 grams per square meter and it comes from the Sea of Green method of weed growing.
This ganja thrives best indoors and different methods can be used to grow it; the hyrdo or the soiless method, or the traditional method of using soil and other known mediums. Indigo is offered in various sites and can be purchased in packs of at least 10 weed seeds.