Critical Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: Meduim
Yield: High
Height: Meduim
Flavour: Exquisite
THC Level:
Growing: Medium

Critical is a strain that is known worldwide in the recent years. It has been the favorite of users and growers for numerous years. Critical cannabis strain’s genetics include South Indian and Brazilian. This plant literally produces the critical mass yield.
Critical strain has inability to support its growth. It is because this strain tends to be very large and massive so it is recommended to have it indoors to keep the plant controllable. It will also be alright to cultivate this strain outdoors but the tendency is it will grow monstrously due to enough nutrients it directly gets. It is important as well to use guides when growing this kind of strain to prevent it from bending under the weight of the flowering heads. It usually flowers at about 45-55 days after germination. The good thing about this strain is that a rapid and bountiful harvest can be expected.