Silver Jack Marijuana Seeds

Silver Jack

Silver Jack Strain is a hybrid mix between the famous Jack Herer and Silver Haze. It has a very skunky taste and very aromatic smell. Silver Jack flowers are worth of the sweet flavored smoke it produces. It crosses between the most commercial varieties which are a great combination of Indica and Sativa treats. Its effects let anybody feel indifferently high by its great power and potency. Although the effects stated above sound very harmless and even enjoyable, taking this cannabis can also cause some less desirable effects.

Silver Jack is a good option for both indoor and outdoor production. This kind of cannabis strain is very manageable since does not require much tendering. Moreover, this kind of marijuana flowers at around 65 days after its germination. This is really very good seed to grow for those impatient growers.

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: Medium
Flavor: Skunky
Growing: Medium