Super Diesel Marijuana Seeds

Super Diesel

Type: Regular
Climate: Outdoor
Flowering: Medium
Yield: 500-600 g/m ²
Height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Effect: Euphoric
Flavour: Sweet Lemon Lime
THC Level: High
Growing: Medium

Super Diesel is a hybrid that is Sativa Cannabis dominant. It is a marijuana plant with unmistakable unique smell with a very deep and persistent euphoric effect. The Super Diesel relatives are powerful Mexican Sativa and an American Indica which gives part of its characteristics of a Diesel cannabis flavor. The name Diesel was given due to the buds diesel-like odor. The very good thing about Diesel is that the flavor gives a distinct lemon-lime twist with some traces of tangerine and a tinge of diesel fuel.
The effect of Diesel is not overly extreme or strong that gradually fades. This is probably because Diesel has a low level of CBD. Super Diesel can be best cultivated outdoors because it has a moderate tolerance when it comes to cold temperatures and is mould resistant. It would be so unwise to grow it indoors. The average yield for Diesel is up to 500- 600 grams per meter square. It has a high THC level and has a flowering period of 55 – 65 days.