Widow Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 450 g/m ²
Height: 35-60 cm
Flavour: Heavenly
THC Level: 20-25%
Growing: Medium

Widow is considered the strongest marijuana weed in the world. This cannabis strain grows tall and delicate. A widow marijuana bud has so much THC that it is difficult to see the bud at all. It has a heavenly divine taste which allows you to be extremely take one high. It produces a buzz that is powerful yet energizing and very social.
Widow marijuana strain is undoubtfully one of the most successful commercialized cannabis strains on the market today. This has been one of the best ingredients in some coffee shops in the US because of its soothing effect for drinkers. This is very good to anyone who thinks he is a smoker. Widow strain is preferable to be grown indoors with a height of 35-60 cm. It has a THC of 20-25%. It yields to 450 g/m ². It can yield over abundantly when properly taken care of. This strain is definitely a good choice to grow.