Wonder Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Wonder Skunk

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering: Medium
Yield: High
Height: 100-200 cm
THC Level: 10-14 %
Growing: Medium

Wonder Skunk is a hybrid marijuana seed of Indica and Sativa seeds. It has a deep smell and has a big potency. It has fruity touches that will make you rediscover the pleasure to taste an authentic skunk. Users say that this strain make them feel relaxed and chilled out. This is because it has a calming leaves that allows them to be in a state of joy. However, many would also say that it makes them feel hungry- known as “getting the munchies”.
Wonder skunk can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It only requires minimum effort in growing. It has a height of 100-200 cm. It has an average THC of 10-14 % which most skunks have. If well taken care of the yield production is high. This strain is highly recommended to commercial growers and users. In addition, wonder skunk cannabis is considered one of the strongest strains.