Seed Mine Seeds Review

This company offers more than 2,000 high grade marijuana strains from 124 reputable breeders in the world. It also conducts real time tracking of more than 15,000   prices from other 13 seed banks which allows it to give marijuana growers the most up to date, fair and accurate information about marijuana market. Seedmine offers wide-ranging list of marijuana strains, online seed banks and top genetic breeders. The prices, images and the location of most admired cannabis strains are clearly and completely shown in this site. Marijuana seed information and videos which are helpful to both expert and amateur cannabis growers are also provided in detail.

Seedmine seeds has in its database the comprehensive list and inventory of popular regular, feminized and auto flowering cannabis seeds. White Widow, Blueberry, Bubba Kush, Northern Lights, Og Kush, Jack Herrer, Haze, African, Big Bud and other royalty strains growing characteristics can be browsed through it. If you want to know more about its partner breeders and seed banks, the complete profile and breeding accounts of the best genetic breeders can also be looked through. You can explore through if you want to know more about the best selling and best priced seeds, the most popular strains and the most credible seed banks and breeders.


SeedMine Seeds

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    Barneys Farm
    Big Buddha
    DNA Genetics
    Dutch Passion
    Herbies Head Shop
    Nirvana Seeds
    Pick ‘N’ Mix
    Seedsman Seeds
    The Attitude Seedbank