Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Marijuana Seeds

This company is a Marijuana Seeds breeder and online seedbank of marijuana at the same time.   They call their own breed Seedman 100s and they have a few being offered to customers.   Other breeders get to be promoted by the company and they are many like Barney’s Farm, Alpine seeds, Grass-O-Matic Feminized Seeds and many others.   For their own marijuana seeds they have Auto Diesel x Blue feminized, Kandy Kush x Skunk #1 and Sleestack x Skunk #100.

Aside from marijuana seeds, the company is also engaged in selling hemp products and accessories, clothings from select breeders and other brands, books about cannabis growing,  as well as storage jars and dessicants.

The company offers discounts for volume orders and the discount ranges from 5 to 30%.   They also have various payment methods like credit cards of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, and other payment methods.   They ship marijuana seeds to all countries with the exception of the USA.   As for other countries, they advice buyers to check the local laws applicable and make sure that they are running in conflict with it because they will not be responsible for any problems that might be encountered.   They also have varied arrival lead time for international deliveries of marijuana.

Seedsman Seeds

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49 thoughts on “Seedsman Seeds

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    15/07/2019 at 5:40 am

    Do not spend any money with Seedsman. Unreliable delivery, even with “stealth”, a nightmare to communicate with and when they finally do, you can only do business on their terms. It seems the customer comes last! Ordered during a Halloween sale. Parcel went “missing”. Trying to communicate with them was an ordeal as answers took ages, then finally when ordering for the re-ship (insurance comes with stealth packaging),they were by this time having a Christmas sale, but was told that I would have to pay FULL prices for the replacement order/seeds as sales prices do not apply to re-sends! By now they had MY money for 2 months and now they were telling me how to spend it !!! All up it was about $130-00, not a huge amount, but a lot to me as a disabled pensioner. Seeds finally arrived and were from a major Dutch breeder, however of the ten, six were completely white and the other four were light brown and they were of all odd shapes and different sizes. Having previously purchased many seeds from this Dutch breeder elsewhere, it was obvious that there is no way the seeds that I got would have passed quality control in Holland and I suspect the seeds that were sent to me came from a packet of bird food! I now have ten expensive seeds that I have absolutely no confidence in growing (if they sprout at all) and have written off the whole experience as a bad joke. You may think this is a “one of” situation, sadly it is not, as I had a previous order also go “missing” and had the same troubles that first time too. When I finally got the first replacement order, out of 20 seeds, only 4 sprouted and the bonus Seedsman auto Kush seeds that they also sent were dreadful plants. They took nearly 5 months to finish and if you could find any resin crystals, they were very lonely. I should have learnt my lesson the first time, but they offered me some bonus points to spend for my birthday, so I thought – why not give them a second chance?!? Twice bitten…. NEVER AGAIN SEEDSMAN !!!! Peace and love. If you want to try some ethical and professional online seed shops that ship World wide, try either Green Parrot Seeds or Pev Grow. They are in Spain and will bend over backwards to look after you. Pretty sharp prices too !!! Highly recommended.

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