Chronic Marijuana Seeds


Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoors
Flowering: 56-63 days
Yield: 350-600 grams/m2
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
THC Level: High

It is known to be a larger yielding cannabis Indica dominant stabilized hybrid. It is the most popular and good commercial cannabis strain. This specific strain is an easy to grow that produces an award winning marijuana. These cannabis seeds produce plants that are of medium height with perfect combination of good yield and excellent quality. Users definitely remember this strain when they taste it because for its combination of appearance and sweet smell. It grows a single huge central bud with few side branches.
This is a regular type of plant which can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It is high yielding plant that flowers after 56-63 days after germination. Also, the flower itself develops mild and sweet smell and outdoor harvesting month takes place during the end of October. This plant can produce up to 600 grams /m2 without losing that connoisseur feeling. Furthermore, of all the serious seeds strains, Chronic is the best choice for growers tired of losing quality when increasing yield.

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