Kali Mist Marijuana Seeds

Kali Mist

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor/Outdoors
Flowering: 10-12 weeks
Yield: Medium
Height: High
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
THC Level: High

Kali Mist Feminised is considered as the best cannabis sativa strain of the Serious Seeds. In fact, it has established recognition as one of the World’s top cannabis Sativa strain by captivating widely contested high times cannabis cup first prize in 1995 and replicating it in 2000( seed company sativa cup).
This strain is made famous of its interesting flavour and subtle cerebral effect that is powerful yet clear and lift mood intensely high. Kali Mist is two sativa dominant hybrids that have characteristics of mould resistant sativa. This specific strain is a 90% sativa hybrid typically grows tall and has very few leaves. This strain can easily be grown indoors and outdoors. This plant can finish the flowering cycle with 10-12 weeks and the outdoor harvesting month takes place during the late November at Northern Hemisphere.

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