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Serious Seeds

Serious Marijuana Seeds

This is a company that breeds marijuana seeds according to superior standards to ensure quality, potency, high germination rate, and uniformity of the weed plants. It has been conducting independent researches and tests of selected marijuana strains for over 20 years. This is to be able to produce the strongest and highest containing THC level cannabis in the market which averages from 18% to 22% THC. Every batch of seeds produced is hand-selected and tested to guarantee freshness and quality. Serious Seeds is the only marijuana breeder which numbers each cannabis package individually to easily monitor and track each from their warehouse to retailers. To date, the company has 19 strains that won various awards in prestigious pot awards. Serious Seeds chronic, Bubble Gum, Ak47, and White Russian weed seeds are just some of the famous marijuana sees produced by them. Serious seeds reviews have been given by a lot of satisfied customers and they are one of the most sought-after breeders of ganja seeds in the industry. Serious Seeds is based in Amsterdam but it does not operate its own shop, seeds are sold through seedbanks worldwide. They have distributors from Austria, Canada, Japan, Russia, and many more countries. Some of the seedbanks that carry marijuana seeds from them are Dzagi Seeds, Chronic generation, Planetary Pride, and Sacred Seeds among others. The list of seedbanks and retailers can be found on the website. It is also possible to order directly from Serious Seeds through its website. It does not deliver cannabis seeds in the US and in Australia. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, he can return the package in its original condition and keep the number in the package then he gets a refund or replacement. Cash payment in Euros is accepted through bank transfer.

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12 thoughts on “Serious Seeds”

  1. Click around and share your experience with other cannabis growers. There is space for you to review each seed bank. Spammers are simply un-cool.

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    Harry Fannywinkle

    Great company, their seeds are quality genetics, staff are great as they helped me dispose of my “child-bride and horse cock” DVD collections, Sam the regional manager also enjoys scraping the thick, yellow, pungent, congealed smegma from my cheesy little dripper, then he smokes it with freebase for what he calls the “smegma zone”..
    i enjoy squatting on big hairy gorilla fists, ceramic Viking-helmets and ice-sculptured horse cocks….. 

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    Bought some Serious 6 seed ..Only one sprouted out of pack…When complained given alot of BS as to why no good..Plannted in humid/heat dome like anyother year/grow..Gave SERIOUS SEEDS up as bad cause..

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      The Botanist

      You should learn how to grow, before you complain.
      I have grown all of the strains from Serious for 20 years and it is amazing plants. Never failed me once. This is the best strains on the market.  stabile phenotypes, big yielder and amazing highs.

  4. Serious seeds et un excellent breeder c’est même le meilleur pour moi, des souches travailler, retravailler avec une parfait génétique comme pour la warlock, biddy early, kali mist en faite tout leur variété!! c’est vrai qu’il on pas beaucoup de variété a proposer mes celle qu’il on elle sont sublime!!!!!

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