Spine Apple Marijuana Seeds

Spine Apple

Type: Feminized
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: Photoperiod
Yield: Average
Height: Medium
Indica/Sativa: Pure Indica
Effect: Normal
Flavour: Hash
THC Level: 17%
Growing: Easy to moderate

This hybrid marijuana strain has a strong base coming from a landrace Nepali weed plant that was crossed to another in order to inject a pineapple ganja variety. The result is potent cannabis that sends electrifying high deep into the spine that is why it is called SpineApple. This weed plant is ideal for an indoor climate and can also thrive if introduced to sea of green or SCROG for super cropping purposes. With pure indica phenotype, it grows to just a medium height with wide fan leaves that turns purple in color when raised in colder climate.
SpineApple can grow bushy and wide and after just a few weeks of vegetation, it will readily bloom with compact buds with solid nugs that look exotic with its deep color combinations of orange, maroon buds with white pistils, and purple shaded leaves. Yield is pretty good and the grower can expect to harvest just the right amount to make him smile from ear to ear. Come harvest time, expect the blade to be all gummed up because of too much sticky resin. The effect is a bit strong and has deep stoned feeling along with a hash taste that lingers in the palate.

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