Boss's Sister Marijuana Seeds

Boss’s Sister

Touted as the biggest yielder among the strains of Sin City Seeds, Boss Sister is actually a cross between El Hefe and Buddhas Sister. It is slightly Sativa (60%) dominant and grows a bit tall because of its genetics. This weed plant is versatile as it can grow in almost any climate whether indoor or outdoor and also has the potential to be vigorous when introduced to a sea of green or greenhouse type of growing. Grow in large pots, directly in the ground or hydroponics and this ganja will just flourish. Like most varieties of pot plants, it grows bigger when raised outdoors and allowed to fully vegetated.

Boss Sister needs around 10 weeks to finish its flowering stage. It will still grow while blooming at the same time and will stop only about two to three weeks before it is ready for harvest. It will grow buds that are compact with spicy mango or cherry flavor depending on the phenotype being grown. Yield is quite large and the grower can expect to smile from ear to ear when its date with the blade arrives. Branches must be staked or the body roped to prevent it from bending due to plenty of growing buds.

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, outdoor
Flowering: 10 weeks
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa
Effect: Uplifting high
Flavor: Fruity
THC Level:
Growing: Easy