Skittles Marijuana strain has received a variety of awards including the first place in the 2016 Emerald Cup and then first place in both the Michigan and San Francisco Cannabis Cups in 2015. The primary reason for so high popularity and success is because of the special taste of the strain. Skittles is, as its name implies, a strain with both a strong taste and aroma that is frequently compared to the iconic candy, Skittles.

Skittles is the product of the Grape Ape, which is an indica strain, being mixed with a Grapefruit, producing a hybrid cannabis strain that blends the medium-high you would expect from a sativa with both the physical impact that followed with indicas. Skittles was always going to have a strong and sweet taste and aroma as the product of 2 strains that are named after the fruits. You can anticipate an explosion that emulates a bag of open bursting fruit candies, the air is filled with their sweet aroma. The fruity topic holds on to the taste of the strain from the parent strain, mixed with citrusy notes, with strong notes from both grape and grapefruit.

Skittles marijuana strain is a quick-acting high that starts with a sense of stress all over your eyes, which keeps moving thru your senses, having left you with increased sensory stimuli. It is a perfect table to place on some thought-provoking songs or a profound video since Skittles helps you to see the situation differently and deeper. Skittles’s uplifting effects make you feel inspired and ready to focus on tasks that warrant deep concentration levels.

Skittles marijuana condition can cause distorted vision and a unique method of seeing things around you because taken in large doses. It is something you may also want to do at home or anywhere you feel free because while this can lead to a completely euphoric experience, it could also make you feel somewhat nervous if you’re not feeling relaxed anywhere.

Hours tend to move much slower than usual so that Skittles marijuana strain early effects seem will last much longer than they really do. When the high progress it works its way into your body, providing you with a sense of relaxed comfort, after the mind race that Skittles can trigger, this can be a pleasant relief. The warm, heavy feeling inside your body will overcome the cognitive encouragement that you may encounter when you take Skittles first. So it is a good idea to use this pressure to concentrate and work through assignments, to complete them early and during high.

You’ll feel a dip in your heart rate towards the end of the High, finding you have very little motivation to get up or move. It isn’t shocking considering the rollercoaster your mind was on, so it’s incredibly fun just sitting down so relaxing while your body comes down from the brink.

Skittles is a perfect strain to take in mid-afternoon even before you feel absent the motivation and really need a jolt of energy to complete the tasks of the day. The sluggish, high development means you have enough time to end your day with a fresh sense of meaning and energy, prior to actually lounging back and relaxing because as body establishes in high.

Growing Skittles Marijuana Strain

Skittles seeds can not be bought online, so it’s a slightly harder strain to get your hands on and grow yourself. For anybody trying to develop Skittles at home, it’s your greatest option to buy clippings from a healthy, mature plant from which you can then keep growing. Of course, there are advantages for seeds that are so hard to get through; it means there are very few variations of Skittles marijuana strain and by developing genetically identical crops both the growing method and the strain effects are often more predictable.

If you handle to get your hands on healthful clippings of Skittles, it is a plant that grows better in humid, hot climates. Skittles could be grown outdoors, depending on your environment, and ultimately affects from the drops in night temperature, allowing the violet shades seen on plants to evolve and become even more vibrating.

It doesn’t mean that Skittles can’t be grown indoors but only that if the dark purple hues are anything you want to accomplish on your own plants, it’s going to be important to find a way to regulate the temperature and lower it every day for a few hours. Skittles plants can be expected to flower around 8-10 weeks as well as come back a particularly big yield for the harvests.

Medical Benefits of the Skittlez Strain

One of its main medical benefits of taking Skittles marijuana strain is helping with stress management and depression. Thanks to the high body of Skittles, it can help relax your body while remaining mentally sharp enough to carry on a productive day. The soothing effects on the body help stressful conditions feel far more manageable and minimize the risk of increasing levels of physical stress.

Also, the mental high which comes with Skittles makes it a great choice for those suffering from ADHD, and ADD  Thoughts are much simpler and more concentrated, helping you to remain on track and complete tasks without being too easily distracted.

The high body that comes from Skittles makes it also a perfect pressure to cope with Insomnia. When the high progress the mellow, relaxing effects that take over the body when taken in large doses will help you drift away from sleep without trouble.

Another obvious description on an increased appetite when taking larger than normal doses of Skittles is As a result, people who are dealing with a lack of appetite as a result of illness and treatment are also advised because you can’t help but consume as much as you can until the high sets in.

Cannabis arrives with adverse effects much like prescription medicines, so it is worth being mindful of these before playing with Skittles. Let’s take a closer look at the side effects that are recorded more frequently.

Adverse Effects of the Skittles Cannabis Strain

Skittles is a strain with relatively minimal adverse effects, as well as the ones it may cause are more of discomfort than a real medical problem and are only short-lived. Its most common symptom of taking cannabis strain from Skittles is the popular dry mouth that you would anticipate from virtually any strain of cannabis. It is followed by a large number of people getting dry eyes. All of these effects will have nothing to think about, and thus have no long-term negative health consequences.

Adverse effects are occasional dizziness and headaches which are less frequent and have also been mentioned in certain cases. They tend to last just a few hours and are more common when taking Skittles in high doses, as are many other strains with a higher than normal amount of THC.

It is important to note that if you are someone with a low tolerance for THC or suffering from an anxiety disorder, you must take Skittles with cautiousness. Users have reported a rise in suicidal thoughts due to its high THC content, as well as Skittles inducing panicked thoughts, all of which can combine to cause anxiety attacks.