Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Be Coastal Mix

Type:  Regular
Climate:  Outdoor
Yield:  Medium
Height:  4-8 Ft
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Flavour: Â
THC Level: Â
Growing: Â

BC Coastal is a sativa hybrid that is mix of everything can be found in this strain. It is very intense strain, intense in flavor and intense in the effect. This BC Coastal Mix cannabis seeds produce plants that are fantastic in both appearance and effect. From the following well-known varieties; BC Coastal Mix strain consists of different genetics; these are BC Coastal Haze and Timewarp x Cambodian genetics
This variety as well as many other sativa varieties works even better with cuttings taken from C99/ GG male which can be flowered as soon as they start to root and will end up being 4-8 feet tall by harvest time. It is capable of yielding bountiful monster buds that are rich in many flavours. This strain can grow in outdoors only. The harvesting month is usually on September and yield it produces is medium. In fact, it is one of the most appreciated varieties since it is mix of everything.