Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Super Silver Grape

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Yield: Â
Height: Â
Indica/Sativa:  Mostly Sativa
Flavour:  Chocolope, Mango, Orange
THC Level: Â
Growing: Â

This Super Silver Grape is 50% Indica Yields and 50% sativa highs. It is stable cross of     between SSH and Godzilla Grape to the highest order of Indica and Sativa. The aroma is considered good medicinal, which is distinct when speaking about the cannabis. Medically, this strain is suitable for physical relaxation and has an excellent appetizing effect. This strain is also free from infestation. In addition to that this strain is covered in chrome, tight buds and its smell is overload. The chocolope like mango or orange flavour and smell start invading your senses.
This Super Silver Grape strain is developed for a sea of green method whether growing in soil or hydro. This is also cultivated either indoors or outdoors. The Super Silver Grape is a perfect union between the two dominants, a lot of flavour and tasty smell with expected strong effects that will last after consumption. It must be confirmable that this strain is purchasable and affordable to the users.