Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds

Amnesia Haze

Type: Mostly Sativa
Climate: Indoor
Flowering: 84 days
Yield: 15-20 grams
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
THC Level:

Amnesia Haze is hybrid with a complicated background. It involves the Southeast Asian genetics of three all time favorites which are: Laotian, Thai sticks, and Cambodian. Added to the mix is the Jamaican Haze strain with their renowned elevated THC levels and tart flavors. And if that is not enough, throw in an Afghani-Hawaiian genetic into the formula which will hasten the period of flowering and which further improves the flavor. All the time and effort put into the creation of this extraordinary weed has won it several awards in the past. To this day Amnesia Haze remains to be one of the top selling weed. It is not as easy to grow and takes a while to do so but it yields a quality produce that is one of a kind. The favor, the aroma and the high it brings will be worth the wait. This may be one of Soma Seeds best products.
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