Soma Marijuana Seeds

Soma, the founder of Soma Sacred Seeds which is an organic breeder of award-winning cannabis seeds got his first taste of marijuana when he was 18 years old and four years after in 1971 he started growing his own crop. Since then, for almost 45 years, he considers growing marijuana as one of the most positive forces in his life. Soma started in growing marijuana using eco-friendly and organic methods in southern Vermont USA and he is now based in Amsterdam. He has since become an authority in the biologically friendly marijuana cultivation process.

Soma Seeds interestingly recommends cannabis strain according to the high or effect that the smoker wants and the medical condition of the client. Soma absolute favorite among his strains is Amnesia Haze; for relaxation, he recommends Free Tibet; for psychedelic effect, Lavender; for creativity-Buddhas Sister; best for sex-Kahuna; best medicinal-Rockbud; best tasting and for appetite-NYC Diesel; knockout-Reclining Buddha; for music; White Willow and for socializing-Somango. Most of his strains have won awards in High Times Cannabis Cup more than once. Orders can be placed through its website and payments can either be through international bank transfer or cash in Euros only by postal mail. Free seeds are offered for every purchase of selected marijuana strains such as Mazar I Sharif.

 Soma Marijuana seeds
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