Still Smoking Marijuana Seeds

This company is an online seedbank that offers for sale marijuana seeds coming from big cannabis breeders worldwide.   Some of the breeders where they order marijuana seeds are Sweet Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds, Flying Dutchman, and Green House Seeds among others.   The company is also home to marijuana growing and smoking accessories like lighters, Bongs, vaporizers, and other merchandise including novelty items for those who will buy marijuana seeds and want to order additional tools and accessories.   The company is more than a seedbank actually as they have a lot of other retail items for customers.   Some of the known weed varieties that they carry include the Double White of Sweet Seeds, Blue Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds, and the Flying Dragon Feminized Seeds from Flying Dutchman.   The company offer marijuana seeds for sale on a per breeder category so those who want to buy marijuana seeds from a particular can easily choose which among the weed seeds are available.

This seedbank accepts major credit cards as payment method, paypal, Nochex, postal money order or even by check.   They also have a rewards program along with special offers, free gifts, and some other useful deals that can be taken as a discount when you buy marijuana seeds.   They have a next day dispatch and they follow a discreet method of cannabis seeds delivery.


Still Smoking Marijuana Seeds

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