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Flying Hammer Gage Green Seeds Flying Hammer is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known for being a mostly India marijuana plant. Flying… Reviews & info about Flying Hammer
Flying Skunk AC Genetics A mostly indica Skunk being paired with Low Ryder #2 will give you a combined taste and effect of old and new skool strain. It is one… Reviews & info about Flying Skunk
Fn’Blue Vancouver Island Seed Company This is a wonderful mix of Blueberry and Fucking Incredible genetics. The magnificent flavor and aroma of the parent plants are retained in… Reviews & info about Fn’Blue
Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Seeds Amsterdam Marijuana SeedBank This mostly indica marijuana strain inherited the distinct characteristics of its blueberry lineage such that it is also a strong and sturdy cannabis… Reviews & info about Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Seeds
Forest Fire Cabin Fever Seeds Another potent output from the OG Kush strain. Making use of the shortest and the most stout Headband BX male (now known as Yeti OG) and matched… Reviews & info about Forest Fire
Four Way Buy Dutch Seeds The buds of Four Way are considered to be very much alike with its Skunk Parentage which is characterized as large and compact. These buds… Reviews & info about Four Way
Four Way Positronics Four Way is one of the best CBD seeds you could find in the seed banks. It is actually a feminized marijuana plant that would certainly… Reviews & info about Four Way
Four Way Special High Quality Seeds Four Way Special is a high quality marijuana strain consisting of Indica, Sativa, Skunk as well as Ruderalis. But, this plant or Marijuana strain in particular… Reviews & info about Four Way Special
FourPlay Head Seeds This is another interesting combination by Head Seeds. It is the offspring from two individually awesome parent breeds. The mother is a… Reviews & info about FourPlay
Four-Way Sensi Seeds This 80% indica dominated hybrid strain is exactly what its name suggests. It is the result of crossing four powerful indica strains of Sensi Seeds_ Reviews & info about Four-Way
Freddy’s Best Dutch Passion Seed Company This mostly sativa marijuana strain got its name from its breeder named Freddy and it is the last weed strain developed by him so in honour to his… Reviews & info about Freddy’s Best
FreeWorld Lala Seeds FreeWorld has a type that is actually unknown. It is still uncertain if FreeWorld is one of the hybrids of Indica and Sativa strains or whether this… Reviews & info about FreeWorld
Freeze Cheese 89 Big Buddha Seeds This hybrid auto-flowering marijuana strain is the result of crossing NYC diesel and Lowryder #2. It is the result of… Reviews & info about Freeze Cheese 89
Freezeland Smoke A Lot Seeds The freezeland cannabis strain is originally from the SSSC that is based on the Friesland and it is the most popular and appreciated… Reviews & info about Freezeland
Freezeland BX2 X Manitoba Madness Smoke A Lot Seeds The Freezeland BX2 Manitoba Madness is considered as the primary choice that every enthusiast must use and produce. Furthermore, it is highly… Reviews & info about Freezeland BX2 X Manitoba Madness
Fresh Lemon The Global Seedbank Fresh Lemon is one of the most reliable strain varieties that were specially crossbred to be cultivated outdoors. However, this strain may… Reviews & info about Fresh Lemon
Freya F1 Basic Seeds This F1 hybrid has a balanced sativa and indica genetics and therefore has both its qualities. It grows perfectly in an indoor set-up and best… Reviews & info about Freya F1
Frisian Dew Dutch Passion Seed Company This hybrid sativa and indica marijuana strain is the result of crossing Super Skunk female and a male Purple Star cannabis strains. The result is an evenly… Reviews & info about Frisian Dew
Frost Bite Chimera Seeds Frost Bite is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being a mostly Sativa in the background despite… Reviews & info about Frost Bite
Frost Hammer House of Funk Genetics Frost Hammer of House of Funk Genetics has inherited some of the characteristics of Giesel and Snow Lotus F1. The Frost Hammer marijuana plant… Reviews & info about Frost Hammer
Frostwreck Goldenseed The name suggests it all and reveals in way the fine genetic mix of this hybrid marijuana strain. It is the result of crossing Jack Frost… Reviews & info about Frostwreck
Frosty Kush GreenLabel Seeds This is yet another hybrid marijuana strain coming Green Label Seeds. It is the combination of the genes of two of the most popular strains today… Reviews & info about Frosty Kush
Fruit Juice Zambeza Seeds This hybrid marijuana seed has genetics of four excellent cannabis strains Afghan, Northern Lights, skunk and Shiva strains. The hybrid that… Reviews & info about Fruit Juice
Fruit Spirit Royal Queen Seeds Royal Queen Seeds offers another feminized seed that acquired its fame due to the sweet taste. Fruit Spirit has been a constant favorite for weed… Reviews & info about Fruit Spirit
Fruity chronic juice Delicious Seeds This is yet another indica variation from Delicious Seeds. Know that the feminized version of Fruity Chronic Juice is well known for its shorter… Reviews & info about Fruity chronic juice
Fruity Juice Sensi Seeds The ideal combination of both indica and sativa strains to come up with a perfectly balanced cannabis required extra patience and long years of painstaking… Reviews & info about Fruity Juice
Fruity Thai Ceres Seeds Fruity Thai is named to be the Indica plant that would certainly make you so high. This marijuana plant is available in both regular and feminizedtype_ Reviews & info about Fruity Thai
Fruitylicious Mandala Seeds This mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing Very Berry Hashberry with Blueberry cannabis strains. The result is an… Reviews & info about Fruitylicious
FuckBerry Riot Seeds Fuckberryis one of the best hybridsof Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known to be a perfectly balanced hybrid of both… Reviews & info about FuckBerry
Fucking Incredible Vancouver Island Seed Company Winner of High Times Top Ten Weeds of 2008, Fucking Incredible is not a new player in the cannabis scene because it has been available… Reviews & info about Fucking Incredible
Fuel Connoisseur Genetics The Fuel cannabis strainfrom Connoisseur Genetics resulted as Sour Diesel and ChemDogwere crossed. This is an indoor type… Reviews & info about Fuel
Fugu Kush Hazeman Seeds Fugu Kush is a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica strains. But it was found out that this marijuana strain is a mostly indica plant. Fugu Kush could… Reviews & info about Fugu Kush
Fugu Kush Riot Seeds FuguKush is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. FuguKush, despite being a hybrid of the two strains, it has been found out to be a… Reviews & info about Fugu Kush
Full Melt Madness Reefermans Seeds Reefermans Seeds’ Full Melt Madness is an Afghani hybrid that is best to grow indoors or outdoors. Possessing both indica and… Reviews & info about Full Melt Madness
Full Moon Nirvana A marijuana strain that came from Thailand, Full Moon cannabis strain is predominantly sativa that gives a distinct visual and heady high. The… Reviews & info about Full Moon
Full Moon Buy Dutch Seeds Full Moon is a kind of marijuana strain that is able to deliver a visually and a slight cerebral kind of high that triggers a trippy visual effects… Reviews & info about Full Moon
Full Moon The Sativa Seedbank This marijuana strain is a sativa and indica hybrid that can be grown both indoor and outdoor. It grows to a tall height of up to 3 meters… Reviews & info about Full Moon
Fuma Con Dios Flying Dutchmen Fuma Con Dios is interesting just by its name. This marijuana plant is a mostly Sativa plant that would provide you an average flowering period… Reviews & info about Fuma Con Dios
FUNK#1 Cannaseur Seeds Funk #1 strain is a 2x back crossed multi-polyhybrid. It has three different types of phenotype. Since Funk#1 has resulted in three phenotypes… Reviews & info about FUNK#1
Funky Dwarf Karma Genetics Seeds Funky Dwarf was bred by the breeders from Karma Genetics Seeds from Sweettooth #4 and ChemdogD IX1 male. This strain’s ancestors… Reviews & info about Funky Dwarf
Fruit Automatic Dinafem Seeds There are just no boundaries when the desire is to produce the ideal genetics for a marijuana strain as exemplified by Dinafem Seeds in crossing… Reviews & info about Fruit Automatic

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