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Loompa Farms Og Loompa Farms Loompa Farmsâ„¢ OG is a marijuana strain that is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known for… Reviews & info about Loompa Farms Og
L.A. Cheese Royal Dutch Genetics L.A. Cheese is another great addition of Royal Dutch Seeds Company to the world of marijuana clones. This feminized breeder is a cross of the… Reviews & info about L.A. Cheese
L.A. Confidential Dam Seed L.A. Confidential is an award-winning strain that was produced between the crossing of Afghani and OG LA Affie. Because of its aroma and exquisite flavor… Reviews & info about L.A. Confidential
L.A. Haze Gage Green Seeds L.A. Haze is a mostly Sativa plant despite being an Indica and Sativa strain hybrid. This marijuana strain is particularly suitable for cultivation indoors… Reviews & info about L.A. Haze
L.A. Ultra Resin Seeds L.A Ultra is just one of the most lively cannabis strains that is almost Indica and is highly purchasable. It is known to be a powerful plant since… Reviews & info about L.A. Ultra
La Bella Afrodita Delicious Seeds This marijuana strain is also referred to as the Beautiful Aphrodite which is a true goddess among the marijuana strains. Know that the feminized… Reviews & info about La Bella Afrodita
La Blanca Kannabia Seeds This marijuana strain is known to be a hybrid between the Great White Shark and the famous Snow White. Know that the great white shark is well known for… Reviews & info about La Blanca
LA Cheese Reserva Privada Also known as Confidential Cheese, this marijuana strain is a cross breed of Triple Crown champ LA Confidential and the Exodus Cheese (Skunk #1) cut… Reviews & info about LA Cheese
LA Confidential DNA Genetics LA Confidential is considered to be one of the award winning Cannabis strains from DNA genetics that would definitely provide you more than… Reviews & info about LA Confidential
La Diva Delicious Seeds Know that La Diva is just another hybrid coming from the famous Delicious Seeds. This time, the strain is created by crossing Diavolo and the famous… Reviews & info about La Diva
La Frutta di Venus Delicious Seeds This marijuana variation is said to be another auto flowering strain coming from the legendary Delicious Seeds. La Frutta di Venus is said to be of Ruderalis… Reviews & info about La Frutta di Venus
La Luna Dr. Hemps Seeds This is sativa and indica hybrid marijuana strain that can grow best in an indoor set-up or in any controlled environment where it can flourish to its maximum… Reviews & info about La Luna
La Lybella Dutch Passion Seed Company This hybrid marijuana strain has a mostly sativa genetics. It is about 90% sativa and therefore can be expected to grow tall if given enough space… Reviews & info about La Lybella
La Music Delicious Seeds Know that this is yet another hybrid from the famous Delicious Seeds. La music is a kind of hybrid that you will get when you combine a real skunk strain… Reviews & info about La Music
La Niña Mr Nice Seedbank Combining the fine genetic qualities of Haze and Widow marijuana strains resulted in an equally superior hybrid cannabis now known as La Nina… Reviews & info about La Niña
LA Pure Kush x Aloha WW The Blazing Pistileros This is yet another hybrid coming from the Blazing Pistilleros seed bank. Know that this time, the strain is said to be a combination of the… Reviews & info about LA Pure Kush x Aloha WW
La Reina De Africa Kannabia Seeds Know that the strain AK-47 is said to be one of the most popular due to the fact that it has a very short flowering time. The AK-47 variant that Kannabia… Reviews & info about La Reina De Africa
La Rica Elite Seeds A multi awarded cannabis strain; La Rica is a true blue champion variety which has an exceptional flavor and original aroma much preferred by veteran… Reviews & info about La Rica
LA Woman DNA Genetics LA Woman is one of best Indica dominant plant from DNA genetics. This marijuana strain could be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is mostly Indica… Reviews & info about LA Woman
Lady Liberty Liberty Seeds Lady Liberty is one of the strains of Liberty Seeds that is actually not among the hybrids of Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is among the… Reviews & info about Lady Liberty
Lady Purple De Sjamaan Lady Purple ganja is a feminized strain hybrid from Afghani or Hindu Kush and Purple Kush. Her two parents are one of the most famous strains in the whole world… Reviews & info about Lady Purple
Ladyburn 1974 Green House Seeds Ladyburn 1974 is a hybrid of both Indica and sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known for being a dominant Sativa strain. In addition to this_Reviews & info about Ladyburn 1974
Ladyburn 1974 Dam Seed Ladyburn 1974 is the result as Ice Dream and Jack Herer were crossed. It is one of the commonly sought after medical cannabis. Although this pot strain… Reviews & info about Ladyburn 1974
Lala Haze Lala Seeds Lala Haze is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being a perfectly balanced hybrid of both Indica… Reviews & info about Lala Haze
Lambo TH Seeds Lambo is a well known marijuana strain you could get from TH seeds. This marijuana strain is also known for its name Rambo. This… Reviews & info about Lambo
Lambsbread Yardie Seeds This sativa marijuana strain is very popular in Jamaica and one of the favourite of Bob Marley. It is a strong and sturdy weed plant… Reviews & info about Lambsbread
Lao Luang Prabang Ace Seeds Lao Luan Prabang is actually the seeds originally coming from the growers of LuangPrabang in the northern Laos. It is actually a pure Sativa… Reviews & info about Lao Luang Prabang
Lapis Mountain Indica Cannacopia This mostly indica hybrid is the result of crossing a pure landrace Afghan cannabis with Deep Chunk of Cannacopia. The result is a hybrid weed strain… Reviews & info about Lapis Mountain Indica
Larry OG Kush Cali Connection Marijuana Seeds From crossing OG Kush (Larry clone) with SFV OG Kush comes Larry OG Kush marijuana strain. It is an andica and sativa hybrid that can be… Reviews & info about Larry OG Kush
Lasqueti Haze BC Bud Depot Lasqueti Haze is a marijuana plant that is particularly compact in structure. This marijuana plant is mostly Sativa in variety. For the smell of this… Reviews & info about Lasqueti Haze
Laughing Buddha Barney’s Farm This champion marijuana strain is the result of crossing Thai and Jamaican weed varieties and recognized as the best among its… Reviews & info about Laughing Buddha
Laughing Tiger Dutchgrown Seeds The Destroyer strain of CBG is a 100% sativa and DGS wanted to create hybrid from it that will be shorter in stature and can finish earlier at the same time… Reviews & info about Laughing Tiger
Lavanda Diamond Elite Seeds This hyrid marijuana strain resulted from crossing Lavender with Diamond D cannabis strain. The result is a mostly indica cannabis strain that can… Reviews & info about Lavanda Diamond
Lavender CBD Seeds Lavender is another marijuana strain that would certainly amaze you in terms of qualities. This is a medical marijuana strain that would… Reviews & info about Lavender
Lavender Soma Seeds This is a union of weeds from all over the world. These are strains that have history that may be traced back to Europe, Afghanistan… Reviews & info about Lavender
Le Fruit Defendu Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds The name Le Fruit Defendu means forbidden fruit in French language. This strain is an indica dominant that was developed to match the fruity… Reviews & info about Le Fruit Defendu
Lebanese BlueHemp Switzerland Lebanese is another marijuana strain that everyone should try. This is one of the top marijuana seeds available from BlueHemp. This is a marijuana plant… Reviews & info about Lebanese
Lebanese The Real Seed Company he famous Lebanese hashish has been traditionally created at the Bekaa Valley. It is hashish that is well known around the world for its high quality smoke… Reviews & info about Lebanese
Lebanese Hashplant Reefermans Seeds Indoor and outdoor pot gardens are suitable for growing Lebanese Hashplant from Reefermans Seeds. An indoor and outdoor type cannabis with a… Reviews & info about Lebanese Hashplant
Leda Uno Kc Brains LEDA UNO is an indoor and outdoor type of marijuana strain that has won in the 1998 High Life Cannabis Cup. It originated from a mysterious… Reviews & info about Leda Uno
Leela Bazooka ABC Seeds Leela Bazooka is a hybrid of sativa and indica strains that thrives best indoors though it can also grow well in an outside garden. This type of… Reviews & info about Leela Bazooka
Lurry Smurf Trichome Jungle Seeds This marijuana strain is said to be the hybrid between the lemon larry and the smurf. Know that Lurry Smurf is a marijuana strain that has a very kushy… Reviews & info about Lurry Smurf
Legitimo KalySeeds Legitimo marijuana seed or what others called as Jap hop is considered as the ancestor of all pseudoacercannabis (PAC) strains from KalySeeds… Reviews & info about Legitimo
LeGrape BlueHemp Switzerland LeGrape is one of the BlueHemp marijuana strains available for you. This marijuana strain would certainly assure you great marijuana experience… Reviews & info about LeGrape
Leia OG Gage Green Seeds Leia OG is a hybrid of both India and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known to be a mostly India strain. In addition to this, you could… Reviews & info about Leia OG
Lem Chem Connoisseur Genetics The Lem Chem of Connoisseur Genetics has a high percentage of sativa. It has the combination of Lemon Larry OG Kush and ChemDog B2 males… Reviews & info about Lem Chem
Lemon De Sjamaan Lemon marijuana seed is one of the varieties of White Widow. Actually, Lemon is a cross breed of the White Widow in another variety of the Widow strains called… Reviews & info about Lemon
Lemon Bud De Sjamaan cultivate and have less time to fully mature as compared to other strains. This strain is best cultivated indoors and will produce… Reviews & info about Lemon Bud
Lemon Diesel Emerald Triangle Seeds When the offspring of Pakistani x Lemon Thai x Chemdawg #4 was crossed with California Sour, it resulted in a hybrid cannabis strain that is 70%… Reviews & info about Lemon Diesel
Lemon Freeze Sub Cool Seeds Lemon Freeze is a hybrid of both Indica and sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known for being a mostly sativa in the background despite being a… Reviews & info about Lemon Freeze

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