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Image Strain Breeder Review & Description
Top 69 Advanced Seeds Top 69 is one of the many different auto flowering seeds that belong to the new generation of auto flowering… Reviews & info about Top 69
Top Dawg Barney’s Farm A magnificent marijuana strain that earned top honors for the Indican category during the 2007 Cannabis… Reviews & info about Top Dawg
Top Dollar Secret Valley Seeds Top Dollar is just one of the liveliest cannabis strains that are mostly Indica. It is a kind of strains that is… Reviews & info about Top Dollar
Top Skunk 44 Seedsman Seeds The strain known as Top 44 is one of the top marijuana strains that Nirvana has to offer. Top 44 is Nirvana’s… Reviews & info about Top Skunk 44
Tora Bora DNA Genetics Tora Bora is also among the best hybrids from DNA genetics. It could be regarded as the perfect match… Reviews & info about Tora Bora
Tora Bora Reserva Privada This hybrid indica strain is the result of crossing a pure Pakistani (X18) with a pure Afghani (LA) cannabis… Reviews & info about Tora Bora
Tornado Weed Yardie Seeds This is a native marijuana strain of Jamaica. It got its name Tornado Weed because of its appearance… Reviews & info about Tornado Weed
Towerful Tropical Seeds Company This is another blending of two exotic marijuana strains courtesy of TSC. Towerful is the result of crossing… Reviews & info about Towerful
Toxic Blue Motarebel Toxic Blue is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is not a perfectly balanced… Reviews & info about Toxic Blue
Toxic Blue The Blazing Pistileros Toxic Blue is one hell of a strain. There is nothing left to say. It is a very excellent herb to be used for… Reviews & info about Toxic Blue
Toxic Blue 33 CH9 Female Seeds The crossing of male Killian to female Blue Kronic resulted to the birth of Toxic Blue 33 marijuana strain. The Blue… Reviews & info about Toxic Blue 33
Train Wreck Green House Seeds Train Wreck is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. It was known for being a perfectly balanced marijuana… Reviews & info about Train Wreck
Train Wreck Goldenseed Originally available as a clone, Train Wreck is now commercially available in seed form. Its fine genetics… Reviews & info about Train Wreck
Trainwreck Humboldt Seed Organisation Proudly originating from Arcata, Humboldt, California, Trainwreck is a mostly sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain and recognized… Reviews & info about Trainwreck
Trainwreck Royal Dutch Genetics Trainwreckis a pure sativa that became one of the favourites of marijuana users–both medical and… Reviews & info about Trainwreck
Tramuntana Star Mallorca Seeds Tramuntana Star is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain would actually give you… Reviews & info about Tramuntana Star
Trance Dutch Passion Seed Company If you are a Skunk fanatic who loves to grow outdoors, Trance is a special strain bred for open air… Reviews & info about Trance
Trans Siberian Auto Seeds Among different autoflowering strains, Trans Siberian is one of the strongest varieties available. Trans… Reviews & info about Trans Siberian
Tree of Life Doggies Nuts Seeds Treeof Life is a regular Cannabis strain. Also, Tree of Life is considered to be a feminizedstrain that is… Reviews & info about Tree of Life
Trinidat Kaly Seeds Trinidat is a mostly indica strain from KalySeedsCompany and this marijuana strain got its characteristics… Reviews & info about Trinidat
Trinidat Gold Kaly Seeds Trinidat Gold is a strain from Kalyseeds which is a variety from the Trinidatlinie. It performs well when… Reviews & info about Trinidat Gold
Trinity Kush Emerald Triangle Seeds This indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing ’76 Afghan and Master Kush cannabis… Reviews & info about Trinity Kush
Triple Cali Kush Riot Seeds Triple Cali Kush is a well known marijuana plant that is also called the Pig Fucking Rhino. This marijuana… Reviews & info about Triple Cali Kush
Triple Deez Cabin Fever Seeds Triple Deez was inspired by a photo the breeder saw online. It was a picture of “Sour Turbo” which was… Reviews & info about Triple Deez
Triple Kush Karma Genetics Seeds Triple Kush from the Karma Genetics Seeds is an indica dominant strain that was developed when a fire… Reviews & info about Triple Kush
Triple X Apothecary This marijuana hybrid has the Dutch skunk traits running through its genetics. Triple X is able to… Reviews & info about Triple X
Trojan The 7 Dwarfs Seeds A considerably stable variety despite the fact that it is a hybrid of New York City Diesel and Lowryder… Reviews & info about Trojan
Tropical Fruit Cropi Canna Seeds This is another one of the unique breeds by Cropi Canna. It is a combination of almost all fruity flavors… Reviews & info about Tropical Fruit
Tropical Mix Ace Seeds This is a new mixed pack from Ace Seeds. This is a selection of the tropical Sativas or warm climates. This is… Reviews & info about Tropical Mix
TropiCanna Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds The name TropiCanna will make you think about tropical places and islands. This is an indoor and outdoor… Reviews & info about TropiCanna
True Blue Timewarp Smoke A Lot Seeds The True Blue Timewarp Female is one of the vigorous plants that are fantastic in both appearance and… Reviews & info about True Blue Timewarp
True Blueberry DJ Short This mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain is regarded as the most ideal Blueberry strain in the market because… Reviews & info about True Blueberry
Truly Fruity BC Bud Depot Truly Fruity is certainly the perfect marijuana strain that would give you a high that is perfectly vigorous as… Reviews & info about Truly Fruity
Tundra Dutch Passion Seed Company This marijuana strain is a hybrid between outdoor champ Passion #1 and autoflowering Ruderalis… Reviews & info about Tundra
Turbo Diesel Kulu Seeds Know that this marijuana strain is the product when you combine the famous and unparalleled Blueberr… Reviews & info about Turbo Diesel
Turbo Jack AC Genetics Due to its ease in growing, the Turbo Jack strain is one of the favorites of several new and even experienced… Reviews & info about Turbo Jack
Tutankhamon Pyramid Seeds This hybrid marijuana strain is an AK 47 selection and therefore has stable genetics. It can be grown… Reviews & info about Tutankhamon
Tutankhamon II Pyramid Seeds With the success of the first generation Tutankhamon marijuana strains now come the 2nd generation with… Reviews & info about Tutankhamon II
Twilight Dutch Passion Seed Company This lovely purple variety marijuana plant is a 100% outdoor indica. Twilight is a credible outdoor weed… Reviews & info about Twilight
Twista 108 Seedism Seeds Twista 108 female cannabis seed is an adaptation of the classic Twister strain from the Flying Dutchmen… Reviews & info about Twista 108
Twitter OG Mother Chucker’s Seeds Twitter OG is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known as a mostly… Reviews & info about Twitter OG
Txees Bilbo Genehtik Txees Bilbo is one if the “cheese” strains versions that are feminized. Also, this particular strain is… Reviews & info about Txees Bilbo
Txomango Genehtik Txomango is one of bank Genehtik’s feminized marijuana strain cannabis seeds that possesses an… Reviews & info about Txomango
Tylight Goldenseed This hybrid marijuana strain has mostly sativa genetics and belongs to the purple variety with Afghan taste… Reviews & info about Tylight

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